Hairy Butthole

It’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you cry, it may make hair grow out of your butt



The Yes I Kan Podcast Ep. 23: Permission to Fail

Just a reminder: You are enough


Hairy Butthole Ep. 22: My High School Crush Was Racist w/ Whitley Watson

What do you do when someone you like attacks you for your race?


The Yes I Kan Podcast Ep. 22: My Existence is Not Up For Debate

Sometimes the world is unkind to people who are unconventional—are you gonna do something about it?


Hairy Butthole Ep. 21: Healing Your Inner Child Who Loves Heroin with Geoff Rickly

The lead singer of Thursday on recovery and discovery


The Yes I Kan Podcast Ep. 21: How to Not Lose Yourself in Life’s Big Transitions (with Ue Kan)

How to navigate big changes and new circumstances without losing your sense of self


Hairy Butthole Ep. 20: America’s Next Top Abortion Activist w/ Sarah Hartshorne

How abortion, among other topics, transcends people’s individual ideas of “good” and “bad”


The Yes I Kan Podcast Ep. 20: The Truth Behind Building a Dream Together

Paul’s wife Ue Kan joins him in a behind-the-scenes conversation about power coupling and family life


Hairy Butthole Ep. 19: I See Dead People

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time for a couple of Youngmi’s most personal ghost stories


The Yes I Kan Podcast Ep. 19: Just Take One More Step

For anyone questioning the path that they’re on, Paul’s got a little pep talk for you


Hairy Butthole Ep. 18: Victims of victims (with Jeremy Holt)

Youngmi talks to Jeremy Holt about their experiences as a transracial adoptee and nonbinary person


The Yes I Kan Podcast Ep. 18: Taking the Leap Without the Net with Jessa Carter

Leave behind the coulda, shoulda, woulda and say, “I’m proud I went for it”


Hairy Butthole Ep. 17: In and Out of the Closet (with James Tison)

How hiding and lying about who you are can have a lasting impact