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South Gaysian Boys

A JoySauce original video podcast from cousins Vik Chopra and Sundeep Singh Boparai



HB Ep. 48: What Do You Think About AANHPI Month REALLY?

Some real talk to close out the month of May

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South Gaysian Boys Ep. 1: Origin Stories, Identity, Addiction, and Prison Romance

Come meet the hosts of our hottest new video podcast!

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South Gaysian Boys: Coming Soon!

A fearless, bold new show from two queer South Asian cousins


HB Ep. 47: With Or Without Kids

Can women really ‘have it all?’


HB Ep. 46: Jealous And Angry

How does your relationship with your family affect you as an adult?


HB Ep. 45: Growing Up Poor

What’s the difference between being Korean poor and American poor?


HB Ep. 44: Horny Single Asian Mom In Your Area

Don’t believe everything you’ve heard about single moms


HB Ep. 43: Is It Because I’m Fat?

Youngmi takes a deep, personal look at her history of disordered eating


HB Ep. 42: The Adults Are Not Alright

Relationships between teen girls and adult men are not ‘normal’


HB Ep. 41: Having A Baby Was Like, Hard?

A chat about the “joys” of motherhood, plus a listener writes in about what it’s like to be diagnosed with ADHD in Korea


HB Ep. 40: I Have ADHD, or as My Korean Mom Calls It, ‘No You Don’t’

What’s harder, a platonic or romantic breakup?


HB Ep. 39: Comedy and Tragedy (Divorce)

What does it mean to ‘always punch up?’