Dalip Singh Saund was the first Asian American to serve in Congress when he was elected as a U.S. representative in 1956.

442: The First U.S. Representative of Asian Descent

Known simply as ‘Judge,’ Dalip Singh Saund was committed to his home district in Southern California and supporting the lives of farmers there


Aanuko 1 final

The Chic L.A. Barbershop Built On Filipino Values

Aanuko owner David Alfonso wants his stylish clients to feel like family


How Two Trans Filipinx Drag Queens Are Changing The Face of ‘Drag Race’

Kimmy Couture and Jiggly Caliente are breaking curses and opening doors

Anna Lee photo 3 final

Anna Lee is Anything But Average

In the first of our new profiles on the hottest Asian American and Pacific Islander creators on social media, we meet the co-founder of Lioness smart vibrators

11397540_122821-wabc-ap-nyc-schools-img copy

NYC public schools to introduce new AAPI history this fall

The new curriculum aims to better educate kids about Asian history in America, hopefully leading to greater understanding and acceptance

The cover of The Kim Sisters' 1959 single, "Harbor Lights."

442: Paving the path for today’s K-pop stars

Decades before BLACKPINK and BTS, came the Kim Sisters

In 2014, Joyce Chen was one of four celebrity chefs honored by the United States Postal Service as part of its Celebrity Chefs Forever line of limited-edition stamps.

442: Meet the TV Chef Who Introduced Chinese Food to American TV Audiences

Joyce Chen’s fame started with making egg rolls for her kids’ school event

DAE homepage

Joy of Art: The origins of Degenerate Art Ensemble

A stunningly avant-garde performance group marrying rage, resistance, and playfulness

Aya Ogawa as their youngest son Kenya in “The Nosebleed.”

Dealing With Our Daddy Issues

In ‘The Nosebleed,’ playwright Aya Ogawa examines their relationship with their father—and urges you to think about yours, too


There’s So Much More to the Multiverse

MCU, ‘The Matrix,’ and ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ may have popularized the idea, but the multiverse is actually deeply rooted in Buddhism

Kim Hak-sun-2

442: The First Voice of Many

How Kim Hak-Soon led hundreds of former ’comfort’ women to speak out against the Japanese military’s sexual slavery system during World War II

Vicki Draves

442: Diving into Olympic History

Vicki Manalo Draves overcame racism and discrimination to become the first Asian American to win Olympic gold

Malia Peoples-3

Is It Art? Or Accessory?

Seattle-based jewelry designer Malia Peoples’ beautiful pieces check both boxes


How AANHPI Women Rise in Politics

A group called New American Leaders is building a more inclusive democracy—one election at a time


442: Meet the Father of Modern Surfing

We take a look back at Duke Kahanamoku, 110 years after the legend’s first Olympic games

In July 1974, 135 workers walked out of the Jung Sai garment factory in San Francisco’s Chinatown.

442: The Jung Sai Garment Workers Strike

Forty eight years after the strike, a little history lesson on an immigrant-led revolution

Joy Mao

For Joy Mao, Slow Fashion is the Only Fashion

This designer’s beautiful, simple clothing pieces reflect her ethos

Stephanie H. Shih

Joy of Art: This NYC Artist’s Ceramic Food Looks Good Enough to Eat

Stephanie Shih’s new show, “Open Sundays,” offers more than just tasty-looking sculptures—it’s also a commentary on the relationship between Chinese and Jewish immigrants in New York

Haunani-Kay Trask was a leader in the Hawaiian sovereignty movement.

442: A Voice for Her People

A year after her death, we look back at how Haunani-Kay Trask became a leading voice in the Hawaiian sovereignty movement

Cambodia Town homepage final

Welcome to Cambodia Town

Meet 10 of the nearly 20,000 Cambodian Americans living in Long Beach, California—the U.S.’s oldest and largest Cambodian diaspora

Sign pic 2 crop final

Protesters Gather for First Asian American-led March

A small but mighty crowd came together in Washington, D.C., today, to speak out against hate crimes and yesterday’s Supreme Court verdict