Actor Raymond Lee playing Dr. Ben Song in "Quantum Leap," looks out from inside a storefront with a door sign in Korean and English that says, “Open.”

Deric A. Hughes Uplifts Diverse Voices in NBC’s ‘Quantum Leap’

The longtime sci-fi and action writer talks about creating opportunities for his community through writing, and how the stars aligned on this close-to-home installment of “Quantum Leap”


Bed covered in stuffed toys with a pair of bare leges and feet sticking out and a pair of hands holds a Pikachu stuffed toy.

Photographer Jarod Lew Turns His Camera on Second-Gen Asian Americans

In ‘Please Take Off Your Shoes,’ Lew examines how people navigate the gap between their experiences and those of their immigrant parents

An mixed-race Asian woman with long dark hair in a light top against a pink background.

Anna Aya Wants More People to Know (and Love) J-pop

The singer talks about her debut single “Someone Else,” how she aims to uplift J-pop’s profile, and empowering people to see their self-worth

A multiracial Asian woman in white smiles with a stack of Christmas presents in her arms.

A Very Merry JoySauce Gift Guide

Ten items—from businesses owned by members of the Asian and Pacific Islander diaspora—that you can feel good about buying this holiday season

Cover of "The Hurricane Wars" by Thea Guanzon with map and blue background.

From ‘Star Wars’ Fan Fiction to the Best Sellers List

Debut author Thea Guanzon her enemies-to-lovers romantasy novel and more

Mixed-race Japanese American woman in glasses and gray sweater leans against tree trunk.

Susan Kiyo Ito on Growing Up as the ‘Unicorniest Unicorn’

The biracial adoptee tells her story in her memoir “I Would Meet You Anywhere”

A closeup of a Psyduck Pokemon in a stroller with tents and a woman in background.

10 TV Shows and Films to Watch this Winter

Put these trailers on your must-watch list for when the cold (or your family) has you needing an escape

Alicia Cheung (Rocio Pearce) homepage-min

Inside the Home of Interior Designer Alicia Cheung, Cofounder of Studio Heimat

See how the veteran designer renovated a Victorian for her family of four in the most colorful and stylish fashion

Scott Pilgrim from "Scott Pilgrim Takes Off" holds up fist against orange and yellow background.

Why the ‘Scott Pilgrim’ Creator Changed the Game in Anime

Comic mastermind Bryan Lee O’Malley hopes his fans enjoy the big swings in the Netflix’s new Scott Pilgrim story

Victor Xie homepage-min

Victor Xie Is Not Your Typical Food Influencer

The Oakland native behind the “Did You Eat Yet?” YouTube channel is telling the story behind some of his hometown’s longest-standing restaurants

Rakiyah Into The Cosmos Era homepage-min

Rakiyah’s Journey through the Cosmos

Writer Ashlee Mitchell talks to the singer about her latest single, “Crash Landing on You,” learning to be okay with heartbreak, and being a Black musician singing in Korean

Leo Vice homepage-min

Leo Vice Is Bringing More Asian Representation to the World of Porn

Writer Clara Wang talks with the 38-year-old Bay Area native about his unconventional career path, the antidote to toxic masculinity, and sex on a Peloton

This Is Not a True Story 3 homepage-min

According to Preston Choi, This Actually Is a True Story, Sort Of

The mixed Korean American playwright talks about “This Is Not a True Story,” filled with dark humor, deep existential questions, and a thoughtful critique of reality

Diwali homepage-min

Crafting a Look for Diwali

Writer Pooja Shah takes a look at how the Hindu festival of lights has inspired the South Asian diaspora to experiment with fashion

Chuck Aoki homepage-min

Road to Paris: ‘I got beat up for basically two hours straight, and at the end of it, I’d fallen in love’

Three-time Paralympian Chuck Aoki talks about wheelchair rugby, traveling to Tokyo as an athlete with Japanese ancestry, and raising disability visibility


Who Gets to Say How Chinese I Am?

Writer Anson Tong pens an essay on how visiting China as a Chinese American has resulted in complicated feelings about where exactly she belongs

Creamerie_S02_PIP_MK_230529_1072 homepage-min

Perlina Lau’s World Without Men

The star of post-apocalyptic dramedy ‘Creamerie’ talks the show’s mandemic and what an Asian show really looks like

GettyImages-1445650782 homepage-min

The Meaning Behind K-pop Group Names

All those missing vowels and all-caps… We take a look at how exactly these mega-popular groups get their names, from BTS and LE SSERAFIM to SEVENTEEN and Red Velvet

GettyImages-1768124261 homepage-min

442: The Tradition of Feeding the Dead Lives On

For All Souls Day, we take a look at how Asian cultures show love through food—in life and death

Viet Thanh Nguyen homepage-min

A Conversation with Pulitzer Prize-winner Viet Thanh Nguyen

In his memoir, Nguyen holds up the mirror to himself, his refugee identity, and how the American Dream™ is just a euphemism for settler colonialism

Nikkita Chadha homepage-min

Singapore’s First Burlesque Artist Makes Her Directorial Debut

Writer Angela Wong Carbone talks with SUKKI about her short film “I See Her;” her work as a burlesque star, activist, and artist; and the power of community