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South Gaysian Boys

A JoySauce original video podcast from cousins Vik Chopra and Sundeep Singh Boparai


Photo of Youngmi and their cat

HB Ep. 79: Hairy Butthole died

How do you parent a grieving child?

Photograph of this week's podcast guest, John deBary

HB Ep. 78: Total Recall (Autistic Edition)

Youngmi speaks with mixologist John deBary about being diagnosed with autism as an adult

Image of this week's podcast guest, Kate Moran

HB Ep. 77: Margaret Cho is mother

Youngmi and comedian Kate Moran talk adoption, imaginary mothers, and the indelible Ms. Cho

Photo of this week's podcast guest, Brittany Carney

HB Ep. 76: Just Google ‘Brittany Carney and horse’

Youngmi chats with the writer/comedian on her mixed race background and the state of stand-up

Photo of this week's podcast guest, Jared Goldstein.

HB Ep. 75: Diary of a Gay Kid

Youngmi talks with actor and comedian Jared Goldstein about the struggle to be cool—personally and professionally

Photo of this week's podcast guest, Ed Pokropski

HB Ep. 74: Wangtta (King Reject)

Youngmi talks with comedian Ed Pokropski about his complicated feelings after visiting Korea

Photo of this week's podcast guest, Charlene Kaye

HB Ep. 73: Photoshopping mom into my success

Youngmi talks with Charlene Kaye about the wildly taboo topic of mother-daughter competition

Image of this week's podcast guest, Umeko Motoyoshi (they/them)

HB Ep. 72: Parenting Your Parents

Umeko Motoyoshi, founder of Umeshiso, chats with Youngmi Mayer about how they found happiness and success despite a shitty childhood

Photo this week's podcast guest, Tulika Bose

HB Ep. 71: Journalism versus TikTok ft. Tulika Bose

The pros and cons of social media and the news

Photograph of Youngmi Mayer and this week's podcast guest, Oak Laokwansathitaya

HB Ep. 70: Thailand One Year Later ft. Oak Laokwansathitaya

Youngmi and Oak discuss the one year anniversary of their trip to Thailand

Photograph of this week's podcast guest, Royce Akifumi Wilmot

HB Ep. 69: Niche Asian Content Creators

Youngmi talks with TikTok creator Royce Akifumi Wilmot about how he fell into his content niche, and more

Portrait of this week's podcast guest, Lana Siebel

HB Ep. 68: World Peace And Running Away

This week, standup comedian Lana Siebel joins Youngmi for a chat on the weird ways we band together based on religion, race, and other abstract factors


HB Ep. 67: Post Me On Main

This week, Youngmi chats with comedian Jes Tom about how sometimes small relationship problems signal larger issues

Photo of Mic Nguyen.

HB Ep. 66: Jesus Was Korean

Youngmi talks to comedian Mic Nguyen about current events, Christianity, and culture


HB Ep. 65: Us. Vs. Them

As a biracial person, Youngmi shares her thoughts on governments’ habits of alienating and dividing people


HB Ep. 64: Beef Pho

In this episode, Youngmi talks about the busy year she’s spent writing a book, and how that’s impacted her son as well


HB Ep. 63: Amplifying Palestinian voices…from Alabama, with Atheer Yacoub

Youngmi talks with the comedian about growing up in the West Bank and Alabama and how it has shaped her work


HB Ep. 62: The Korean Vegan

Youngmi talks to the queen of plant-based Korean cooking, Joanne Molinaro


HB Ep. 61: Is It Because We’re Asian?

A conversation with special guest NBC News’ Kimmy Yam


HB Ep. 60: The Group Chat

Youngmi introduces the duo she texts daily and talks about the origins and importance of the almighty group chat