Hairy Butthole

It’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you cry, it may make hair grow out of your butt



Hairy Butthole Ep. 33: A Korean in Thailand

What it’s like to travel through Thailand when you’re an Asian woman obsessed with race and gender politics


Hairy Butthole Ep. 32: Leaving Mino For One Month (with Mino Bowien)

Youngmi’s first podcast interview with her 8-year-old son


Brown Boi Love Ep. 2: Mama Knows Sex

And Mama knows best!


Hairy Butthole Ep. 31: My Dad Wasn’t There for Me Until He was There for Me (with Sameer Naseem)

Different expressions of love can’t be quantified or judged as ‘better’ or ‘worse’


Hairy Butthole Ep. 30: White Guys Who Went to Harvard Steal Jobs from Immigrants (with Tulika Bose)

Nepotism existed long before the nepo baby


Brown Boi Love Ep. 1: What You and I and Love Are

Say ‘hello’ to Jeric and Robinick as they discuss all things sex, love, intimacy, and embark on a journey to find a new shared lover


Hairy Butthole Ep. 29: Stay Sexy And Don’t Get Murdered (with Maria DeCotis)

On the lingering psychological impacts of shitty relationships


Hairy Butthole Ep. 28: Keep the Meter Running After Your Dad Dies (with Kareem Rahma)

A deep dive into the sadness of regret


Hairy Butthole Ep. 27: If Being a Shaman is Wrong, I Don’t Want to be Right (with Mudang Jenn)

On that one time her grandmother was convinced she was Satan reincarnate


Hairy Butthole Ep. 26: One Foot In The Grave, One Foot On A Banana Peel (with Kevin Hayes)

Youngmi and Kevin talk about his eccentric parents, his experience in special ed, and the death of his dad—all with a laugh, of course


Hairy Butthole Ep. 25: Crying at My Dad’s Pain, Laughing at My Mom’s (with Susie)

How TikTok star @soogia1 went from being told to quiet her voice to being known for it


Hairy Butthole Ep. 24: My Dad Left My Family And All I Got Was A Burberry Trenchcoat w/ Samuel Hyun

On juggling a “real” job and Internet celebrity, abandonment, and Asian male online culture


The Yes I Kan Podcast Ep. 24: The Grand Finale

This isn’t goodbye, just simply see you later


Hairy Butthole Ep. 23: Korean Fuckboys with Milly Tamarez

Youngmi and her guest talk about dating Asian men and the bad behaviors some have developed to disprove stereotypes


The Yes I Kan Podcast Ep. 23: Permission to Fail

Just a reminder: You are enough


Hairy Butthole Ep. 22: My High School Crush Was Racist w/ Whitley Watson

What do you do when someone you like attacks you for your race?


The Yes I Kan Podcast Ep. 22: My Existence is Not Up For Debate

Sometimes the world is unkind to people who are unconventional—are you gonna do something about it?


Hairy Butthole Ep. 21: Healing Your Inner Child Who Loves Heroin with Geoff Rickly

The lead singer of Thursday on recovery and discovery


The Yes I Kan Podcast Ep. 21: How to Not Lose Yourself in Life’s Big Transitions (with Ue Kan)

How to navigate big changes and new circumstances without losing your sense of self


Hairy Butthole Ep. 20: America’s Next Top Abortion Activist w/ Sarah Hartshorne

How abortion, among other topics, transcends people’s individual ideas of “good” and “bad”