Take the Edge Off with these TikToks

Dealing with stress? Watch these videos


Writer Pranjal Jain (right) with her dadi.

For the Love of My Dadi

A sweet, honest essay from writer Pranjal Jain, about the decades it took her to accept her grandmother’s unconditional love


Celebrate Pride With Some LGBTQ+ TikToks

Ready for a month of parades and festivities?


Astrology with Alice: Bottling Sunshine

Learn about the birthday gift you can give yourself to last all year

Anna Lee photo 3 final

F*ck Around and Find Out with Anna Lee: It’s Masturbation May!

In honor of this… enjoyable holiday, our sexpert answers all your most self-indulgent questions


Keep Up This Gemini Season By Watching These TikToks

This air sign gets a bad rap; they’re not as two-faced as you might think


Another Week, Another Silly Roundup of TikToks

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The Asian Women Making Motherhood Funnier, Weirder, Hotter, Better

In honor of Mother’s Day, we celebrate the rise (or rather, recognition) of the cool Asian mom


Take a Load Off With These TikToks

Sit back, relax, and have a laugh!

WATT_211103_JoySauce0288 homepage-min

Don’t Forget Your Mask

Photographer Michelle Watt visualizes how code switching is an everyday occurrence for many AA+PIs


A Guide to the Thousand Eyes of Asia

Raise of hands: Who’s tired of their eyes being compared to almonds?


Send These TikToks to Your Friends

Lighten the mood in the group chat instantly!

sabine wren crop final

When It Comes to Turning Animation into Live-Action, Disney Doesn’t Always Get It Right

In honor of Star Wars Day, a discussion of the complicated way colorism shows up in the sci-fi franchise, particularly in a casting decision for the coming-soon “Ahsoka”

Anna-on-a-blanket-final homepage-min

F*ck Around and Find Out with Anna Lee: The One with the Erogenous Zones

This weeks’s sex questions answered: a ‘Friends’-based tutorial, notes to the anti-cuddler, and more


Get a Load of These TikToks!

Hopefully they put a smile on your face


Astrology with Alice: Mercury Is in Retrograde, and Here’s What That Means for You

May is a month to reassess (and maybe not make that new phone purchase)


Let’s Get Cozy With Some Taurus-Themed TikToks

This earth sign knows what they like and sticks to it


Loosen Up With Some Hilarious TikToks

We could all use a laugh once in a while


Here’s Another TikTok Roundup for Your Enjoyment!

The algorithm has been on point lately

Anna Lee

F*ck Around and Find Out With Anna Lee: Social Media Myths Busted

Don’t believe everything you learn on TikTok


These TikToks Will Put a Smile on Your Face!

We hope TikTok doesn’t get banned…