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Astrology with Alice: The Lesson of December’s Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is back to its old tricks, but what does that mean for us?

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‘Kal Ho Naa Ho’ Reminds Us to Love Life Unconditionally

With the 20th anniversary of the film’s release, writer Maryam Ahmad delves into its message to live life to its fullest

Collage of items commonly found in Asian households.

The Rise of the Immigrant Aesthetic Trend

Why do all of our parents have the same dishes—and why do we want them in our home, too?

Tyler and Miriam from "Turning Red" in front, Ron Yuan, Alain Uy, and Mykel Shannon Jenkins from "The Paper Tigers" in back.

When Pro-Asian American Feels Anti-Black

Writer Latonya Pennington says that as a Black Asian person, she can’t enjoy the racist undertones in many prominent Asian American films

Two men in dancing poses in pink, with words "Weekly Roundup" printed across.

Let’s Spread the Joy With These TikToks

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Hey You—You’re Enough

An essay on motherhood, particularly the precarious balance of passing on your parents’ culture, but not their immigrant trauma


JoySauce’s Sexiest Men Alive 2023

‘People’ magazine got it wrong… we’re here to make it right

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Jhumpa Lahiri and the Evolution of South Asian Literature

Writer Nimarta Narang reviews author Jhumpa Lahiri’s latest book, “Roman Stories,” and reflects on what it’s like critiquing her role model’s work


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Working at Blockbuster Made Me a Protagonist

Writer Nancy Wang Yuen on how her high school job—and its access to “foreign” cinema—led her to finally seeing herself as the main character


Astrology with Alice: Healing with Chiron

With November’s lull in cosmic activity, it’s the perfect time to look to “the wounded healer” to see how it affects our ability to turn pain into wisdom


What Can We Learn from ‘Filipino Time?’

On the final day of Filipino American History Month, we take a look at how this tendency towards tardiness could actually be a good thing


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F*ck Around and Find Out with Anna Lee: Grab Bag Edition

Click for some of our readers’ most random sex questions, stay for Anna’s absolutely excellent diagrams


Celebrate Filipino American History Month With These TikToks!

Let’s take a moment to appreciate how talented Filipinos are


Dear Didi: An End to the Epidemic of Online ‘Big Sisters’

Tired of the trite, phony advice of nearly every South Asian influencer, Pranjal Jain wants to have some real, honest conversations about growing up in this new monthly column


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