These TikToks Will Brighten Your Week

If you need a breather, watch these videos; you deserve it!


Vik Chopra hero

Too Gay for Bollywood, Too Brown for Hollywood

Why writer Vik Chopra chooses a life lived as boldly and brashly as possible


Get to Know Aquariuses With These TikToks

This air sign is original, innovative, and idealistic


Traditional Cosplay Is Taking over TikTok

These trends give new meaning to ‘vintage fashion’

Anna Lee photo 6 final

F*ck Around and Find Out with Anna Lee: Bootylicious edition

Our queen answers all your burning “butt stuff” questions


Celebrate Lunar New Year With These TikToks

Let’s see how everyone’s honoring the holiday!


These TikTok-Savvy Monks Will Set You on the Path to Enlightenment

Who knew social media scrolling could be so… soothing?


New Year, New Silly TikToks

What trends, dances, and jokes do you think 2023 has in store for us?

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Pursue Your Dreams: When to Abandon the Thing You’ve Invested In

Writer Pooja Shah was an attorney, until she realized she needed to overcome sunk cost fallacy in order to pursue her dreams


Ring in the New Year With These TikToks

We have high hopes for 2023!


The Necessity of Asian Mediocrity

Forget Asian exceptionalism, writer Richard King Lee makes the case for being totally average


#VeryAsian, One Year Later

Journalist Michelle Li reflects back on her “Very Asian” year and the voicemail that started it all


Here Are Some of Our Favorite TikToks of 2022!

It’s been a good year! Let’s reflect on the year’s silliest, funniest, and most beautiful moments


Capricorn Season Is Upon Us! Watch These TikToks to Celebrate

This stoic, hardworking earth sign is more sensitive than you think


Watch Our Favorite TikToks of the Week!

We love the crazy, silly, and quirky vibes of these videos

will sharpe hbo 6

Happy ‘White Lotus’ Finale Day!

We’re begging creator Mike White not to kill off Ethan, this season’s obsession


These TikToks Made Our Day!

Hopefully they make you as happy as they made us

Michelle Yeoh

Michelle Yeoh is the GOAT

Today: ‘Time’ mag’s Icon of the Year. Next: First Asian woman to win Best Actress?

0X9A2294 1 (1) homepage-min

F*ck Around and Find Out with Anna Lee: Sex Myths Busted

Does size REALLY matter? Anna Lee is here to let you know!


Let’s Start December Right With These Silly TikToks

A laugh is sure to kick things off on the right foot

Tony_Giroux_0431 homepage-min

What I’ve Lost. What I’ve Learnt. What I Am Not.

A moving essay by actor Tony Giroux on his father’s death and their broken relationship