Godzilla, a giant dinosaur-like lizard, with a glowing blue tail, stands in the middle of a city that has been destroyed.

‘Godzilla Minus One’ Is a Jaw-Dropping Blockbuster

Toho’s latest monster movie is a subversive throwback to sincere action epics


A dark-haired Iranian man with a mustache stands in a river washing a cow.

The Strange Beauty of ‘The Cow’ Continues to Resonate

Join us in revisiting a landmark 1969 film by a recently deceased Iranian master

Charles Melton the film "May December" stands behind of a barbecue.

The Precise Supporting Performances of ‘May December’

In Todd Haynes’ Netflix melodrama, Charles Melton captures the fractured dynamics of a mixed race family

Quiz Lady homepage-min

‘Quiz Lady’ Wastes the Talent of Its Two Leading Ladies

The premise sounds like a win, but Awkwafina and Sandra Oh get stuck in an unfortunately unfunny comedy

Inside the Yellow Cocoon Shell homepage-min

‘Inside the Yellow Cocoon Shell’ Rewards Your Patience

A surprisingly accessible three-hour Vietnamese arthouse drama—we promise it’s worth it

Persian Version homepage-min

Comedy-Drama ‘The Persian Version’ Tells A Moving Mother-Daughter Story

The Iranian American Sundance hit starts out familiar, but blooms in surprising ways

SLEEP_STILL homepage-min

7 Asian Genre Films to Watch Out For

Featuring the best in fantasy, horror, sci-fi, and cult filmmaking, this year’s Fantastic Fest featured a plethora of films from Asia

Leo homepage-min

Action Bonanza ‘Leo’ Has Its Cake And Eats It, Too

Catch the latest entry in Lokesh Kanagaraj’s seedy shared universe

MonRakNakPak_Netflix_07320 homepage-min

‘Once Upon a Star’ Pays Tribute to Thai Cinema

The light Netflix period drama harkens back to a simpler time

Youth Spring homepagejpg-min

Two New Documentaries Take Us Behind the Scenes in China

Filmmaker virtuoso Wang Bing premiered his latest—one about garment workers, the other about a legendary composer—at the New York Film Festival

Moving homepage-min

Is This the Best Korean Show on TV Right Now?

Writer Teresa Tran thinks so—after all, it executes a nuanced (romantic!) superhero story better than Marvel and DC

Creator homepage-min

‘The Creator’ Brings Out the Worst Tendencies of Asian-Inspired Sci-Fi

The trend of Hollywood’s thoughtless cultural translation continues

Jury Duty homepage-min

How ‘Jury Duty’ Created a ‘Believable’ Asian Character

The buzzworthy Amazon Prime show does a lot right—but Ken’s reliance on stereotypes isn’t it

It Lives Inside homepage-min

Get to Know the Pishacha—the Indian Demon in ‘It Lives Inside’

Bishal Dutta’s uber-creepy horror film is deeply inspired by his Indian American upbringing

The Human Surge 3 homepage-min

‘The Human Surge 3’ Offers a 360-Degree View of the World

Don’t judge a film by its title—director Eduardo Williams’ latest release at TIFF is a thoughtful stunner

1600-x-900_Chaleya homepage-min

‘Jawan’ Features Two Shah Rukh Khans for the Price of One

Bollywood’s king is pitted against himself in a ludicrous, charismatic explosion

HERON_img_7 homepage-min

Miyazaki’s Final Movie is Finally Out

The Japanese maestro’s ‘The Boy and the Heron’ has its international premiere in Toronto, but the general public will have to wait for its release in November/December

Origin homepage

The Impossible Adaptation of ‘Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents’

Ava DuVernay’s ‘Origin’ premieres at the Venice Film Festival

Rapture homepage-min

The Latest from India’s Most Enrapturing Filmmaker

Dominic Sangma’s new film “Rimdogittanga” (or “Rapture”) combines violence, politics, and spirituality

Choi-Min-sik-in-Oldboy-Arrow-Films homepage-min

Vicious Modern Classic ‘Oldboy’ Returns to Cinemas

As Park Chan-wook’s revenge thriller turns 20, we take a look back at its visceral thrills

LOVE IN TAIPEI homepage-min

‘Love in Taipei’ Is A Warm, Fuzzy Escape

A departure from the novel, this YA adaptation provides plenty of fun