From left, Andrew (Ben Aldridge), Wen (Kristen Cui) and Eric (Jonathan Groff) in “Knock at the Cabin.”

‘Knock at the Cabin’ is Another M. Night Shyamalan Banger

Dave Bautista leads the twist-master’s latest thriller, a more straightforward film about humanity


“Against the Tide” director Sarvnik Kaur.

Going ‘Against the Tide’ of Documentary Form

Director Sarvnik Kaur redeems herself with whiskey and empathy

Micky 17 homepage-min

Everything to Know About Bong Joon-Ho’s Upcoming Sci-Fi Movie

The Oscar-winning director is teaming up with Robert Pattinson and Steven Yeun in ‘Mickey 17’

pathaan-movie-gallery_03 homepage-min

Bollywood’s King Shah Rukh Khan Reclaims His Throne in ‘Pathaan’

It’s the superstar’s first lead role in four years and moviegoers are turning out for the spy movie mash-up

velma_3 homepage-min

‘Velma’ Limits Its Own Laughs

Credit though, Velma and Daphne do have real romantic chemistry

EEAAO-1 homepage-min

A Very Asian Oscars

The Academy made some major strides with their nominees—but is it enough?

Polite Society homepage-min

Sisterhood and Stunt Work Collide in ‘Polite Society’

The British Asian comedy premiering at Sundance (ahead of it’s April release) sees the breakout of a new star

JungE 1 final

Netflix’s ‘JUNG_E’ Explores Grief Through Familiar Sci-Fi Tropes

The dystopian Korean drama rests on the thoughtful final performance of actress Kang Soo-yeon

Missing3 homepage-min

‘Missing’ Puts a Globetrotting Mystery Spin on the Screenlife Genre

The conceptual sequel to ‘Searching’ piles on the (digital) twists and turns to keep viewers guessing

Thunivu homepage-min

‘Thunivu’ is Your Next Indian Action Obsession

Take a break from ‘RRR’ to watch Tamil superstar Ajith play a charismatic criminal

2023 films, Dune homepage-min

The 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2023

Squeeee—we are so excited

chippendales main crop final

The Dark Side of ‘Chippendales’

A new Hulu miniseries tackles the life of founder Somen “Steve” Banerjee, and wrestles with an unsavory immigrant legacy in the process

Best Films 2022-HOMEPAGE

The Best Movies of 2022 (And Where to Watch Them)

Our favorite critic Siddhant Adlakha weighs in on his top 15 films of the year

all-about-lily-chou-chou_gallery-5 homepage-min

Revisiting the Films of One of Japan’s Most Underrated Directors

Shunji Iwai flown under the radar for too long—here are some of our favorites you can watch at home

Li Jun Li plays Lady Fay Zhu in “Babylon.”

Hollywood History Unravels in ‘Babylon’

An alternate take on Tinseltown from the man behind “La La Land”

THE WHALE 1 homepage-min

‘The Whale’ Pits a Nuanced Brendan Fraser Against a Complicated Role

Darren Aronofsky’s latest lies halfway between sitcom and theatrical rehearsal

LastFilmShow_7X3A9347 homepage-min

Show Biz Movie ‘Last Film Show’ is India’s Oscar Entry

It’s been 20 years since India has had a Best International Film nomination—could this be the year?

Director Park Chan-wook

Every Park Chan-wook Movie, Ranked

From his impossible-to-find early works to his Oscar-contending most recent film, we take a comprehensive look at the director’s impressive catalog

2113_0180_v0339.1041_altered homepage-min

‘Avatar: The Way of Water’: James Cameron Does It Again

This explosive, sentimental sequel makes three-plus hours of viewing feel like a breeze

Emancipation_Photo_01 homepage-min

Will Smith’s New Movie, ‘Emancipation,’ Misses Its Mark

Meandering and dull, in both visuals and storyline, we’d hoped for more from this slavery drama

Glass Onion homepage-min

‘Glass Onion’ Is the Fun Romp We All Need Right Now

But unfortunately, Netflix has decided you need to wait a month to watch