Justin H. Min and Lucy Boynton in "The Greatest Hits" walk on a city street with shops and red lanterns in the background.

Time-travel romance ‘The Greatest Hits’ gets it very nearly right

…except the ending


The cover of "Cowboy Carter," with singer Beyoncé, dressed in country western clothing, sits on a white horse while holding an an American flag.

JoySauce reviews ‘Cowboy Carter’

As an Asian American from the South, writer Teresa Tran has big feelings about Beyoncé’s new country album

A woman in white clothes stands with long disheveled black hair covering her face.

Film Forum’s Japanese Horror Fest celebrates nightmare fuel

Japan’s best films in their history of horror are finding new audiences years later

Mai film 1 homepage final

Vietnam’s Record-Smashing Rom-Com ‘Mai’ is a Perplexing Watch

Trấn Thành’s newest film is the highest grossing Vietnamese movie of all time—maybe because it offers quite literally something for everyone

A closeup of Godzilla

‘Godzilla x Kong’ is throwback kaiju fun

Hollywood’s latest “MonsterVerse” film is loopy and enjoyable, as long as you can brave its human characters

Actress Samara Weaving, covered in blood in "Azrael."

‘Azrael’ and the cinematic specter of anti-Blackness

A wordless horror movie stumbles into unfortunate images that recall ‘The Birth of a Nation’

3 body problem homepage final

Netflix’s ‘3 Body Problem’ Has No Solution

The epic sci-fi series examining science and religion attempts to condense author Liu Cixin’s trilogy into eight episodes

A closeup of Lilly Singh, with her hair in a low ponytail and in a white polka dotted shirt, in front of a chalkboard.

Lilly Singh’s ‘Doin’ It’ is an outlandish sex ed comedy teens actually need

The SXSW debut is kinda gross, really funny, and surprisingly thought-provoking in its politics

Director and journalist Basel Adra, in a blue shirt, lays on a hill of grass and rocks, with a bulldozer in the background.

‘No Other Land’: A vital Palestinian doc exposes cinema’s hypocrisies

From Berlin to the Oscars, the chasm between the movies and their industries continues to grow

Dune 1 crop final

‘Dune: Part Two’ is a Dull, De-Islamized Sequel

Despite rave reviews, the follow-up to Warner Bros.’ space epic has many of the same Orientalist pitfalls

A Black woman sits in front of a tea set. A Chinese man is leaning over her with his hand over her hand.

‘Black Tea’ Struggles to Capture Afro-Chinese Romance and Diaspora

Abderrahmane Sissako’s latest, which debuted at the Berlin Film Festival, unfortunately doesn’t quite hit the mark

Two women pose in front of a car, leaning on each other.

‘Love Lies Bleeding’: The Queer Crime Drama That’ll Sweep You Off Your Feet

The 74th Berlin Film Festival plays host to Rose Glass’ muscle-bound work of madness

A closeup of actor Kōji Yakusho in a blue shirt with the words "The Tokyo Toilet" on the left side, in "Perfect Days."

Wim Wenders’ ‘Perfect Days’ finds a perfect role for Kōji Yakusho

The Japanese legend showcases his many layers as an actor while playing a character with more to him than meets the eye

A woman sits on top of the lid of a closed toilet, and stares pensively off into the wall.

Lulu Wang’s ‘Expats’ is the best show on TV right now

The director’s follow up to ‘The Farewell’ is a sublime miniseries about loss

An out of focus closeup of a young Asian boy with braces, with his mouth open excitedly.

Sean Wang’s Taiwanese American slices of life

From Sundance to the Oscars, one filmmaker tells stories about his childhood and his grandmas

A young Asian monk with a cropped haircut is sitting against a white brick wall holding a rifle.

Bhutan’s Oscar submission ‘The Monk and the Gun’ lightly satirizes the U.S.

Pawo Choyning Dorji’s rural election drama is amusing, but incomplete

Journalist and director Ito Shiori in profile, with shoulder-length hair, pearl earring and a dark top.

A survivor controls the narrative in ‘Black Box Diaries’

In a new DIY Sundance documentary, a Japanese journalist investigates her own sexual assault

Lee Jun-young, Ma Dong-seok holding a gun, and An Ji-hye in "Badland Hunters."

‘Badland Hunters’ Fails to Live Up to ‘Concrete Utopia’

The sequel to South Korea’s recent Oscar entry is an inexplicable misfire, despite its charismatic lead

to kill a tiger homepage final

‘To Kill a Tiger’ Highlights a Father’s Radical Love for His Daughter

The Oscar-nominated documentary by Nisha Pahuja tells the story of one family’s fight for gender-based justice in a patriarchal society

Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez in "Echo," dressed in black kicks her right leg, with an arcade game in the background.

The Stunning, Scattered Images of Marvel’s ‘Echo’

The reworked five-part series marks Disney’s foray into new cultural territory

Sam Song Li and Michelle Yeoh in "The Brothers Sun" sit at a dinner table with a variety of dishes, including duck, noodles and more.

Action-comedy ‘The Brothers Sun’ Offers Delayed Gratification

Netflix’s new series with Michelle Yeoh is worth watching all the way through