JSLN-1 final

JoySauce Late Night

The all-Asian American talk show you've been waiting for, a dose of joy to combat all the hate

Ever wonder what it would be like if a late-night program was created—cast, crew, host—by and for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders? Enter JoySauce Late Night: An honest, candid, fun series featuring interviews with your favorite AA+PI celebrities, roundtable discussions of issues impacting our community, talent from emerging AA+PI musicians and comedians, even the occasional dance number.

In other words, it’s late-night, but not like, traditional late-night.

As we wrap 2022 and acknowledge the major strides for Asian American representation this year, we’re excited to build on that progress and momentum to make 2023 funnier, smarter, and more fabulous than ever. We hope JoySauce Late Night will make you laugh, teach you something new, and do our small part to normalize the Asian American experience in the greater American fabric. Here we come!