This Is the Future of Sex Ed (We Hope)

Meet Alex Liu, director of “A Sexplanation,” a revelatory, charmingly personal documentary about S-E-X



Comic: 1998 Revelation

An illustrated memory that perfectly encapsulates our feelings about chicken feet

Stephanie H. Shih

Joy of Art: This NYC Artist’s Ceramic Food Looks Good Enough to Eat

Stephanie Shih’s new show, “Open Sundays,” offers more than just tasty-looking sculptures—it’s also a commentary on the relationship between Chinese and Jewish immigrants in New York

Haunani-Kay Trask was a leader in the Hawaiian sovereignty movement.

442: A Voice for Her People

A year after her death, we look back at how Haunani-Kay Trask became a leading voice in the Hawaiian sovereignty movement


Mixed Love: My Best Friends Taught Me How to Date Like a ‘Normal’ Person

It took a diverse group of opinionated friends (and years debunking romance myths) to coach writer Chin Lu into joining the “special club for happily partnered people”

Cambodia Town homepage final

Welcome to Cambodia Town

Meet 10 of the nearly 20,000 Cambodian Americans living in Long Beach, California—the U.S.’s oldest and largest Cambodian diaspora


BTS Is Taking a Break—And You Should, Too

As writer Teresa Tran has learned, hustle culture creates both burnt out artists and bad art

Sign pic 2 crop final

Protesters Gather for First Asian American-led March

A small but mighty crowd came together in Washington, D.C., today, to speak out against hate crimes and yesterday’s Supreme Court verdict

Amber Heard-1

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People (Over Celebrity Gossip)

Johnny Depp won, and I’m on the brink of throwing friends into the garbage because of it

442 Patsy Mink-1

Legislate Like a Girl: Patsy Mink

As Title XI turns 50, we recognize its main author and sponsor, the first Asian American woman elected to Congress

Into the Woods, part of The Public Theater’s 2012 Shakespeare in the Park season, directed by Timothy Sheader and co-directed by Liam Steel.

Cinderella Has Never Been So Relatable

The diverse cast in Broadway’s revival of ‘Into the Woods’ brings new dimension to classic fairy tale characters


Mixed Love: How to be the Perfect Wife…?

Anisa’s Nani just wanted her to be a “proper girl”—but she wanted more

Joule pic 1 final

Chef Rachel Yang Doesn’t Need a James Beard Award

But the 15-time nominee, this year for Outstanding Chef, says she is “reinvigorated and inspired” to continue cooking her personal interpretation of Korean cuisine

Michelle Yeoh

An Epic Spin Through the Multiverse–No, Not That One

‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ offers a fresh, frenetic take on Asian American family drama, with a sci-fi twist

Chinese Type-2

Meet the Master of the Chinese Typewriter

The IBM machine was way more complicated than any English typewriter, but Lois Lew made using it look easy

Tom Cruise-2

I Miss ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ Tom Cruise

All we have left is forever-action-hero Tom Cruise, and that is such a bummer, man

Ms Marvel pic 3 crop final

‘Ms. Marvel’ Remixes the Character’s Origin With More Cultural Specificity

Disney+’s new series brings Pakistani American multigenerational family drama to the MCU

Screen Shot 2022-06-04 at 10.52.06 PM

How ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Changed Taiwan

How did the most iconic flight jacket of all time impact Chinese-Taiwan relations, and changed the way some Chinese Americans feel seen?


PRIDE: How ‘Fire Island’ Director Andrew Ahn Paints a Vivid Portrait of Queer Asian America

One of American indie cinema’s underrated talents looks back on his career so far

Anna May Wong crop final

The Star Hollywood Wasn’t Ready For: Anna May Wong

Racism and sexism wasn’t going to stop this legend from accomplishing her dream of becoming an actress

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