A young woman and a young masculine individual stand outside a building. The woman is grabbing the front of their shirt. Both look startled by something off camera.

Jordan Li of ‘Gen V’: Because bigender Asians exist too!

The shapeshifting superhero-in-training represents how an ever-changing form doesn’t make a person any less real


Collage featuring two of this week's TikToks

Here’s a Pisces-Themed TikTok Roundup!

Sometimes it feels like this water sign can predict the future…

Two women pose in front of a car, leaning on each other.

‘Love Lies Bleeding’: The Queer Crime Drama That’ll Sweep You Off Your Feet

The 74th Berlin Film Festival plays host to Rose Glass’ muscle-bound work of madness

Po from Kung Fu Panda wears a hat and red scarf with an action pose.

8 AA+PI trailers we’re excited for this spring

We’re ready to toss out our New Year’s resolutions in favor of watching these series and films instead

A man wearing a winter coat stands in a grocery store aisle, looking pensively into the distance.

Filmmaker and TikToker RJ Siu is keeping it in the family

With videos featuring his family, his content gives off “classic sibling vibes” that many can relate to

A family of 4 stand together in front of trees with green leaves.

Iris Chen is ‘Untigering’ the Tiger Parent

Write Quin Scott talks with the author and parenting coach about unlearning the ways of our parents for the benefit of a new generation

A closeup of actor Kōji Yakusho in a blue shirt with the words "The Tokyo Toilet" on the left side, in "Perfect Days."

Wim Wenders’ ‘Perfect Days’ finds a perfect role for Kōji Yakusho

The Japanese legend showcases his many layers as an actor while playing a character with more to him than meets the eye

A woman sits on top of the lid of a closed toilet, and stares pensively off into the wall.

Lulu Wang’s ‘Expats’ is the best show on TV right now

The director’s follow up to ‘The Farewell’ is a sublime miniseries about loss

A tiger struts with an explosion happening in the background.To their left is a goat. To the right is a dog.

‘Tiger’s Apprentice’ director Raman Hui enjoys being of ‘two worlds’ in animation

The Hong Kong-born animator talks “Tiger’s Apprentice,” zodiacs and more

Anna photo 9 final

F*ck Around and Find Out with Anna Lee: Spicing up your Valentine’s Day

Anna’s here with a bonus column this month with advice on how to take your Valentine’s Day to the next level

A man and woman stand around a rustic kitchen in "The Taste of Things."

Food is the love language in Tran Anh Hùng’s ‘The Taste of Things’

In the French Vietnamese director’s latest film, food is its own character—and real as the actors prepared actual dishes that the cast and crew enjoyed each day

A collage with food technologist Maria Orosa in black and white, a bottle of ketchup, bananas and a black pot in the background.

442: Remembering Maria Orosa, food magician and war hero

How one Filipino activist changed an entire generation’s understanding of what a simple condiment could be

H.E.R. shredding on guitar at Super Bowl with smoke behind her.

AA+PIs representing big at the Big Game

From the halftime show, to film trailers galore, here are some of our favorite moments of AA+PI representation from Super Bowl LVIII

An out of focus closeup of a young Asian boy with braces, with his mouth open excitedly.

Sean Wang’s Taiwanese American slices of life

From Sundance to the Oscars, one filmmaker tells stories about his childhood and his grandmas

A long haired Asian American woman in a business casual outfit smiles while standing below a sign that reads "Chicago Glitters Hypnotical."

A Razzle Dazzling Star: Lili Thomas finds her role on the Great White Way

Broadway star Lili Thomas on connecting with her mixed-race heritage under the bright white lights of the Big Apple

A collage of various Lunar New Year ads featuring Asian models, and other products, with a red background.

The do’s and don’ts of Lunar New Year branding

Not your typical gift guide, but some candid critiques you’ve been secretly itching to receive

A young Asian monk with a cropped haircut is sitting against a white brick wall holding a rifle.

Bhutan’s Oscar submission ‘The Monk and the Gun’ lightly satirizes the U.S.

Pawo Choyning Dorji’s rural election drama is amusing, but incomplete

Collage featuring two of this week's TikToks

Get Excited for Lunar New Year With These TikToks

How are you celebrating this year?

Collage of some of our favorite Asian creatives

Year of the Dragon: What It Means for Asian creatives

From television to coffee, we’re showcasing the formidable spirit of Asian creatives in the Year of the Dragon

Red and orange Lunar New Year envelope being given to family.

Lunar New Year: Memories and stories from Asian icons

We rounded up some favorite Lunar New Year memories and stories from icons in the Asian community

U.S. gymnast Leanne Wong on the floor exercise in a blue leotard, strikes a pose on one knee, with her other leg in the air.

Road to Paris: Leanne Wong, clutch gymnast extraordinaire

At 20, the Kansas native is looking to punch her ticket to the Paris Olympics later this year, all while balancing life as a college student-athlete, and new businesswoman