What’s your favorite type of hot pot?

Trendy Hot Pot Finds an Enthusiastic Audience in the U.S.

Finally, one of Asia’s most delicious exports has made it big in the West. Plus, some dos and don’ts for hot pot newbies


Tenzing Norgay Trainor plays Cameron on Netflix’s “Freeridge.”

Meet Tenzing Norgay Trainor from Netflix’s ‘Freeridge’

The actor dishes on his show, bisexual and mixed-Asian representation, and more


Survive Aries Season By Studying These TikToks

This chaotic AF fire sign will keep you on your toes

Ava Van Jenson homepage-min

Ava Van Jenson Is Ready to Find Out If ‘Love Is Blind’

In the fourth season of Netflix’s hit series, the Seattleite gets a second chance at love

JW 4 final

‘John Wick: Chapter 4’ Gives Audiences Exactly What They Want

Bow down (again) to the greatness of Keanu Reeves

Nam June Paik homepage-min

Director Amanda Kim on Nam June Paik, the ’Father of Video Art’

Writer Dan Schindel chats with the director, whose new documentary examines the works of an artist who was ahead of his time

IMG_0438 homepage-min

Inside the Kauai Home of Creative Tastemaker Haily Zaki

The brand cultivator and co-founder of the L.A. Design Festival finds her forever home away from the mainland


Mixed Love: A Friendship That Changed Everything

Writer Hoang Samuelson on the summer she learned to roller skate, and the girl who taught her about being an American

Isabel Jones 2 homepage-min

Watch Out for Isabel Jones

Writer Erica Ito speaks to the creator on her work with Lizzo, in K-Pop, and what’s next

Kevin Tee profile image homepage

Writer and Actor Kevin Yee On His SXSW Debut

In an interview with Carolyn Hinds, Yee discusses his pilot, “A Guide to Not Dying Completely Alone”


Enjoy Your Friday With These Silly TikToks!

Is it just us or did this week fly by?


What ‘Physical: 100’ Taught Me About Strength

Writer Anjana Pawa on how the Korean competition show changed her views on what it means to be a strong Asian woman


There’s a Mental Health Crisis—Holistic Care May Be the Answer

Asian Americans are three times less likely to seek mental health services than whites, but a number of organizations are trying to combat the stigmatism


Meet the Author Behind this Season’s Buzziest Debut Novel

Writer Samantha Pak talks to Delia Cai, whose ‘Central Places’ imagines what her life could have looked like

1-Left_1_Constellations 18 (XVIII), Whitehaven, Memphis, 2019 homepage-min

Artist Tommy Kha Captures the Restless Sleep of Immigrants

In this New York gallery solo show, the photographer turns his camera on the South’s Asian diaspora

Spence Lee homepage-min

‘You just have to be real and do what you really want to do’

New Jersey rapper Spence Lee is bridging cultures with God and family as a foundation

Unseen Credit Andrew Levy homepage-min

The Director and Cast of ‘Unseen’ on Finally Feeling Seen

Mixed Asian Media talks with the stars behind this quirky new horror film


Everything You Need to Know About the 2023 Oscars

Including the historic wins for ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’

DSC07647 homepage-min

Mixed Love: How My Partner and I Bridge Our Filipino and Pakistani Cultures

Writer Aleenah Ansari on the beautiful, messy work of building a life together, and the necessity of centering our joy

Elephant Whisperers homepage-min

A History of Indians at the Oscars

Ahead of this Sunday’s ceremony, critic Siddhant Adlakha looks back at India’s biggest Academy moments


What Would We Do Without TikTok?

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