Hairy Butthole

It’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you cry, it may make hair grow out of your butt


Photo of someone's face mixed with a vibrant sky with the words "does the end scare you? or motivate you?"

The Yes I Kan Podcast Ep. 14: Living with the End in Mind with Dr. Kathy Zhang

How often do we take the time to reflect on what matters the most at the end of our lives?

Photo of Youngmi Mayer

Hairy Butthole Ep. 13: You Can Never Go Back Home

Youngmi Mayer chose not to cut off her family, despite the childhood trauma… but why?

Photograph of someone with their head between their hands, looking out a window, with the words "why are you ashamed?"

The Yes I Kan Podcast Ep. 13: Breaking the Chain of Shame and Secrecy from Your Story with Nancy Barrows

Rather than letting her shame define her, this guest turned her pain into power

Photo of this week's guest, Roberto Santos

Hairy Butthole Ep. 12: Taking My Bussy Back To Saipan with Roberto Santos

Youngmi talks to Roberto Santos about how “pride” encompasses his ethnic background as well as LGBTQIA+ advocacy.

Photograph of the silhouette of two people kissing with the words "how to find love"

The Yes I Kan Podcast Ep. 12: Being the One to Find the One with Allana Pratt

What if the key to finding the one starts with finding…ourselves?

Photograph of this week's guest, Roger Mayer

Hairy Butthole Ep. 11: I Bet You Did NAZI That Coming! with Roger Mayer

You think your family history is complicated…

Photo of someone preparing to run across a bridge with the text, "will you rise to the challenge?"

The Yes I Kan Podcast Ep. 11: Prioritizing Your Health, The Ultimate Act Self Love with Chantel Soumis

When your wellness is in question, how will you respond?

Photo of podcast host Youngmi Mayer and this week's guest, her mother, Ippun Mayer

Hairy Butthole Ep. 10: Bossam (The Act Of Kidnapping A Woman For Marriage) with Ippun Mayer

This week, Youngmi speaks with her mother, the woman behind the name of the podcast

Photograph of this week's podcast guest, Lucie Pohl

Hairy Butthole Ep. 9: Yes He Tried To R-Word Me But Also He Does A Great Kermit The Frog Impression (Featuring Lucie Pohl)

Youngmi chats with Lucie Poh about the two times she was sexually assaulted

Kan EP 10-2

The Yes I Kan Podcast Ep. 10: Rebuilding a Relationship with Yourself

We often hear about how important it is to “love ourselves”—but what exactly does that mean?

Photo of someone with the courage to climb a mountain with the text, "Follow your joy."

The Yes I Kan Podcast Ep. 9: Finding the Courage to Pursue Your Joy with Nova Han

When it comes to finding our purpose what’s our guiding compass?

Photo of this week's guest, Jenny Arimoto

Hairy Butthole Ep. 8: I Need Friends That Are Smart Enough To Kill Me (featuring Jenny Arimoto)

A look at how death is perceived in Asian families, versus American families