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A talk show that proves the best path is the least conventional one

Rulebreakers is a short-format talk show that highlights iconic individuals and up-and-coming stars who are breaking all the rules of what it means to be Asian American. Guests come from the worlds of fashion, art, food, entertainment, and nightlife to share their unconventional journeys.

We cover topics such as interviewees’ cultural and personal identity, their art and craft, obstacles they faced growing up, their dating and sex life, and advice they have for how to live a more creative life. Incorporating multimedia, tongue-in-cheek editing, internet and pop culture humor, the show is hosted by show creator Howin Wong, who sits at the intersection of the LGBTQ+ and AAPINH community. He’s a DJ, event promoter, brand strategist, socialite, content creator, model, and producer at JoySauce, whose work spans across nightlife, art, fashion, and luxury.

Director: Clara Chung, Josh Almario
Producer: Clara Chung
Executive Producer: Howin Wong
DP: Austin Esposito, Josh Almario, Michael Tanji
Set Design: Clara Chung, Richard Tran, Austin Jose, Josh Almario
Editor: Reynolds Barney, Eric Corrales, Clara Chung
Camera Operator: Richard Tran, Martin Gradek
Key Grip/Props: Richard Tran
Sound Engineer: Ashley Adams, Chris Han
Hair/Makeup: Kerry Yamauchi, Leann Seto, Karla Bonilla
Set PA: Holden Ross, Kris Hing, Holden Harris, Jeremy Aquino, Joon Lee