Dare to Self Care: Part 1 – The Massage

In our new three-part series, we have a frank discussion about the defiant concept of taking care of ourselves

The first activity is… the massage. The group undergoes a professional backrub while being asked some questions about their own relationship with taking care of their bodies, what their parents think about self care, and so much more.

Director: Clara Chung
Producer: Clara Chung
Executive Producer: Howin Wong
DP: Austin Esposito, Josh Almario
Gaffer: Justin Moore
Set Design: Clara Chung, Josh Almario
Editor: Reynolds Barney, Eric Corrales
Sound Engineer: Ashley Adams
Set PA: Holden Ross, Makayla Loland, Zach Jenkins
Talent: Almario Joon Lee, Cathy Nguyen, Yuri Sinata, Nathan Ramos Park, Yuki, Matt E. Brooks, Polartropica, Jon Le (masseuse)