The Yes I Kan Podcast Ep. 24: The Grand Finale

This isn’t goodbye, just simply see you later

What a journey it’s been! Just two years ago, Paul Kan launched the Yes I Kan Podcast with the intention that it would be a platform to empower and inspire others to see their greatest superpower—their authenticity. It has become so much more than that—and it has been so humbling for him to see what was created. However as Paul’s work is now moving in a different direction, after much contemplation, he has made the tough decision to close the curtains on the Yes I Kan Podcast.
In his last episode of this podcast, Paul wanted to pass on his top 10 lessons from his podcast journey and hopes that it will inspire you one more time to see how powerful you truly are when you allow yourself to be fully seen and heard. He’s had the pleasure of interviewing so many incredible people and has grown exponentially in this journey. Paul hopes it has helped you grow on your journey too. Paul would like to thank you for being on this journey with him—he is so incredibly grateful! This isn’t goodbye, just simply see you later. Keep being fully, unapologetically, authentically YOU!
Executive Producers: Paul Kan, Chelsea Lin, JoySauce

Hosted by Paul Kan

Paul Kan is a High Performance and Executive Coach, Talent Development Specialist, TEDx Keynote Speaker, and Host of the Yes I Kan Podcast. After almost a decade of sales and leadership experience managing multi-million dollar portfolios with billion dollar brands, he left corporate to pursue a more meaningful path. He has spent the past two years coaching over 300 corporate and individual clients from CEOs to Olympians to up-level their Emotional Intelligence capability, develop diverse talent and bring out the best from their teams. Today, he is on a mission to empower and inspire others to create their best version of an extraordinary life with joy, authenticity, and freedom.