Stacy Nguyen

Stacy Nguyen is a Seattle area-based Vietnamese American writer, artist, and designer whose work explores the ways race and gender are reflected within the lens of popular culture. She makes a lot of logos and moves shapes around in a pleasing manner in her day job. She used to be a journalist and news editor, but now she mostly writes hot takes on celebrities. This is because she watches an obscene amount of TV that she should be embarrassed about, but is inexplicably not.

and just like that-min

When Will An IRL Carrie Bradshaw adopt me as her ethnic BFF/prop?

I’m ready!


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In this week’s “Nguyeners and Losers,” Stacy Nguyen grades the beef between a couple of meatheads

Jason Momoa-min

Love is a lie

Stacy Nguyen dishes on guilty pleasures, heartbreak, and Jason Momoa