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‘White Savior’ to the Rescue

Eric Nguyen's satirical new comic book takes a tongue-in-cheek approach with an unlikely superhero

Words and art by Eric Nguyen

Let’s face it: We Asians can’t be responsible for saving ourselves. We need an outsider someone with perspective and privilege, like the average white guy with a good idea.  To honor this hero among men, I wrote a whole comic celebrating all the white people who have historically stepped in to save under-represented people like myself. 

JUST KIDDING, obviously. White Savior, which comes out today,  is the exact opposite of that narrative. In my comic, the “white guy destined to save everyone” is actually an idiot, and the real hero is Todd Parker, an Asian American teacher who time travels to feudal Japan and has to convince everyone not to follow the “white savior.” A spoof of movies like The Last Samurai, and The Great Wall, in which Matt Damon somehow saves all of China, our book is what we hope you’ve been waiting for: a hilarious, action-packed satire that tells the world we can save our own damn selves!

Think of these few pages as a sneak peak—less a promotion and more a call to arms to join the revolution.  I’m hoping you’ll help spread the word: use #WhiteSaviorComic on social media, tag every person you know, and while you’re at it, tag Ken Jeong, too. 

Read this sample below, then go to your local comic store and pick up a copy (or get a digital version here).


Published on January 18, 2023

Words and art by Eric Nguyen

Eric Nguyen has been a staple of the comic book industry for over 20 years, working on every major publication and drawing classics such as Xmen, Batman, Hulk, Old Man Logan, Quicksilver, Sandman Mystery Theatre, Fables, and many more. R&B superstar The Weeknd personally chose him to draw his futuristic epic comic Starboy for Marvel Comics. Eric also partnered with Rick Remender and co-created Strange Girl, published by Image Comics, and Gigantic, published by DarkHorse Comics.