Eight members of tripleS' EVOLution sub-unit stand staggered in school girl-style uniforms, against a light backdrop.

Step into the World of tripleS with LOVElution and EVOLution

Meet the K-pop girl group that takes fan interaction to the next level

The eight members of tripleS' EVOLution sub-unit.

Courtesy of Helix Publicity

Words by Jovita Tedja

What if you could choose the members of your favorite K-pop group? Enter tripleS, Modhaus Inc’s latest girl group. With 20 members currently revealed to the public—and a planned total of 24 members—tripleS aims to be the world’s first decentralized K-pop girl group. Members will rotate through different sub-units, and each lineup will be formed through their fans’ votes via the Cosmo: the Gate app. With a fresh approach to the K-pop industry, tripleS has been well-loved by K-pop fans and the Korean general public alike, recently winning “Best New Female Artist” at the prestigious 2023 MAMA awards.

Through the Grand Gravity: Two Big WAVes voting event, WAVs, as tripleS’s fans are known as, played a crucial role in shaping the lineup for the tripleS sub-units LOVElution and EVOLution. TripleS members SeoYeon, HyeRin, YuBin, Kaede, DaHyun, Nien, SoHyun, and Xinyu were selected to be part of sub-unit LOVElution, while YooYeon, Mayu, NaKyoung, Kotone, ChaeYeon, JiWoo, SooMin, and YeonJi formed EVOLution. Before LOVElution and EVOLution, HyeRin, YooYeon, NaKyoung and YuBin were also part of tripleS sub-unit Acid Angel from Asia, while SeoYeon, JiWoo, ChaeYeon and SooMin made up +(KR)ystal Eyes. For the rest of the members, tripleS LOVElution and EVOLution marks the start of their journey with the group.

The voting event also determined their debut order, with LOVElution releasing their mini-album <ↀ> (pronounced “Muhan”) in August 2023, and EVOLution following shortly in October 2023, with their album <⟡> (pronounced “Mujuk”). Despite only debuting in the second half of the year, tripleS LOVElution and EVOLution have been busy, having recently wrapped up the U.S. and Australian legs of tripleS’ first world tour Authentic. In the midst of it all, the group took the time to sit down with JoySauce for an interview.

LOVElution: A fusion of bright pop and self-love in <ↀ>

With their music officially described by their management as a “lovely” pop genre because of the bright and fun “high teen” concept they present, tripleS LOVElution’s mini-album <ↀ> includes eight new songs including lead single “Girls’ Capitalism,” and B-side tracks “복합성 (Complexity),” as well as “Black Soul Dress.”

The groovy title track “Girls’ Capitalism'' was produced by EL CAPITXN and Vendors (Nano), who have previously worked with tripleS’ sub-unit Acid Angel from Asia for their hit track “Generation.”

With SoHyun explaining that “Girls' Capitalism” conveys a message of being “be (you) tiful” (being yourself is most beautiful), HyeRin reveals that LOVElution’s stage style can be broken down into two themes: “the dark, sad girl aesthetic” and “the pure and innocent girl.” Through each set of outfits, the young women tried to portray these concepts in their own unique way, showcasing their personal charms.

When asked about their favorite songs on the album, DaHyun says, “I love all the songs on our album, but if I were to pick a favorite, it would be ‘Cry Baby.’ The lyrics are beautiful, and the song is genuinely comforting. Interestingly, it's a track that required considerable effort during recording, with many intricate details and highlights. As I poured all our efforts into the recording process, my fondness for the song grew, making it my personal favorite.”

EVOLution: Showcasing strength and charisma in <⟡>

On the other hand, tripleS EVOLution presents a bolder concept officially described by their management as “Hi-Tech Dance, Extraordinary, and Stylish.” Comparing the concepts of the two sub-units, SooMin describes EVOLution’s to be “strong and charismatic,” explaining, “While EVOLution and LOVElution have songs that express self-love, LOVElution expresses self-love more clearly and brightly, and EVOLution expresses self-love in a cool, strong, and solid way.”

Like the symbol itself, <⟡> as an album represents a diamond. The lead single  “Invincible” dives deeper into this concept, telling a story of how resilient the members are in the face of challenges—just like a diamond. Other songs on the album include B-side tracks “Rhodanthe,” and “Moto Princess.”

When asked to choose a song that best showcases their charms, sub-unit members collectively agreed on “Invincible,” sharing that the lyrics and concept expresses them best, and that they “look the coolest when they perform the song on the stage.”

“Since we have been given such great songs, we wanted to showcase our voices in a way that maximizes our inherent charm,” the group explains in a written statement.

On their concept, NaKyoung thinks that the concept “feels like a powerfulness that shows the determination and courage to achieve one’s goals.” The energetic choreography accompanying “Invincible” helps EVOLution “truly convey” the concept. She also believes that each member has embodied the concept in a “cool and unique way” to make them truly stand out.

Five of the eight tracks on <⟡> were produced by MonoTree, best known for their work with major K-pop acts such as Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, and Red Velvet. Meanwhile, the song “Rhodanthe” was written by Choi Hyun Jun of Korean R&B group V.O.S, who was also the mastermind behind girl group IZ*ONE’s hit songs “Fiesta” and “Violeta.”

Exploring tripleS’ creative process

tripleS’ members have also actively participated in the production process for these mini-albums, most notably SoHyun, who participated in the songwriting of LOVElution’s track “Black Soul Dress,” and EVOLution’s “Moto Princess.”

On her creative process, she explains, “Once I have a broad concept in mind, numerous ideas begin to emerge. I then prefer to organize these ideas by jotting them down in writing and refining them to make the concept more concrete and tangible.”

While we discussed the themes presented in both <ↀ> and <>, members of both sub-units also talked about other concepts they would like to explore if given the chance.

DaHyun says "Girls’ Capitalism" showcased the group’s bubbly and lovely side. To introduce a never-before-seen side of LOVElution, she would like to give dark concepts a shot and is determined to show that LOVElution can “excel in diverse concepts.”

SoHyun also raises an interesting proposition, asking, “What if LOVElution boldly declares, ‘No Love?’ Following the principle of the LOVElution rulebook, ‘Fall in love later,’ I'm interested in exploring the free and independent story of a solo person.”

Meanwhile, contrary to their strong and independent concept with <⟡>, the women of EVOLution say they would like to try something bright and fun, so that they can have fun on stage with a “pure and clear” concept.

Eight members of tripleS' LOVElution sub-unit stand in a row on stage, dressed in white.

The members of tripleS' LOVElution on stage during their Authentic tour.

Courtesy of Helix Publicity

Their first world tour

And with tripleS’ first world tour, Authentic, LOVElution and EVOLution have proven that they are able to execute any concept, showcasing their versatility as they covered songs from other tripleS sub-units. Looking back, they reflected upon their successful world tour, which is considerably a big milestone to achieve for artists just months into their debut.

“First and foremost, I felt relieved that the tour concluded safely, although I do have a slight sense of regret that I could have done better,” YuBin says.“Experiencing new things during the tour and witnessing the improvement of all the members in their performances was a positive aspect. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the CEO, director, manager, and all the staff who worked hard to prepare for this performance. And I also want to tell our members that they did great.”

The members also shared with us some behind-the-scenes stories from their world tour. HyeRin reveals that the girls of LOVElution visited a local mall during one of their stops, where they shopped for clothes and accessories together, as well as swimsuits. And upon arriving in L.A., she says LOVElution also traveled to Santa Monica.

Other than Santa Monica, XinYu says UCLA was one of the most interesting places she visited during LOVElution’s tour of the United States. She had toured that university as an exchange student in high school, and returning to it as a different person brought back many good memories.

Eight members of tripleS' EVOLution sub-unit sit on a tiled floor, dressed in black and white.

tripleS' EVOLution's album is called "<⟡>," pronounced "Mujuk."

Courtesy of Helix Publicity

tripleS Off-stage

With the recent announcement of the Seoul portion of the tripleS Authentic world tour, tripleS have been busy with their sub-unit activities, but in their free time, the members like spending time with each other. Kotone says they especially enjoy getting together to watch and talk about survival programs, movies, and dramas on TV.

They also shared with us some songs they have been listening to recently. While Kotone loves various genres, following EVOLution’s concept of self-love, she mentions KEY’s “Good & Great” and Fujii Kaze's “Workin’ Hard” as some of her current favorites. “Both songs seem to give me courage with the message, ‘You and I are doing well now,’” she says.

As for EVOLution’s main vocalist JiWoo, she chooses all things K-Pop, listing Zior Park’s “MAGIC!” and “QUEEN,” XIA (JUNSU)’s “Butterfly (Reborn)” and “낮은 별”, f(x)'s “4 Walls,” and SHINee's “View” as some of her favorites.

With their momentous growth as a group, the members of tripleS LOVElution and EVOLution reminisce about their time together so far. Although they are all so different from one another, they complement each other quite well, creating a perfect blend of sounds to showcase tripleS as a whole.

Group dynamics

Eight members of tripleS' LOVElution sub-unit sit in a row, dressed in black and white, with their right legs crossed over their left.

The eight members of tripleS' LOVElution sub-unit.

Courtesy of Helix Publicity

SeoYeon believes she and her fellow group members complement each other so well because they have such close and tight-knit relationships. “Despite the diverse and distinct personalities of each member, we managed to maintain a harmonious relationship during the promotion,” she says. “The key factor contributing to our cohesion seems to be the positive and vibrant energy shared by all members. While each member contributes to the overall brightness, Kaede adds a cute and playful element, and Nien effectively plays the role of a vitamin, bringing additional energy to the group.”

SoHyun jokingly adds that DaHyun is “like the group's hidden chemistry queen, because she gets along well with everyone.” She also describes the group’s teamwork as one that “thrives on a foundation of honesty, while incorporating acknowledgment and consideration for each other.”

Echoing these sentiments, Xinyu continues, “When we first met, we may not have been very close, but now we've become like a family, with clear roles for each person and everyone supporting one another. There's a palpable sense of self-love when we stand together. I believe our fans appreciate us not just for our talents but for who we are, and we can sense the empowering confidence that comes from our fans as well.”

While tripleS demonstrate a solid sisterhood and support each other, being a K-pop idol is no easy feat. With this in mind, we asked them about the biggest supporters in their lives who help them keep on going. Other than their fans, WAVs, JiWoo chooses her family members, telling us that they cheer her on by sending her supportive text messages every day.

Evolving with tripleS

Wrapping up our conversation together, the members reflect back on their most precious memory as part of tripleS.

For SeoYeon, who is also part of the tripleS sub-units +(KR)ystal Eyes and ACID EYES, it’s the three tripleS album releases she partook in, in 2023. “It signifies the hard work I put in throughout the year, and seeing the positive response from WAVs brought me immense joy. This feeling serves as a constant source of motivation for me. The passion and love from our fans truly provide me with strength and inspiration,” she says.

While tripleS ended 2023 on a high note, this is just the beginning for the girls. Reassuring us that tripleS is here to stay, the girls of EVOLution say, “Our goal is to get as many people as possible to know us.”

It's clear that this girl group is more than just a K-pop act. With each member bringing their authentic individuality to the group, they embody unity, and the power of diverse personalities coming together. With each new album and sub-unit, tripleS proves that they're not just following trends, they're setting them, marking their own unique path in the ever-evolving K-pop industry.

Published on January 24, 2024

Words by Jovita Tedja

Jovita Tedja is a K-pop journalist with a skill set that extends to set design and concert photography. Originating from Indonesia, she is currently pursuing her studies in mechanical engineering at the University of Pennsylvania, while maintaining a presence in both New York City and Philadelphia for her work in the K-pop industry. She has collaborated with many renowned K-pop artists, including Suga of BTS, ENHYPEN, CIX, P1Harmony, Dreamcatcher, LUNA of f(x), and ONEUS.