Rulebreakers Ep.2 Chef Angela Dimayuga Discusses Being a ‘Sensual’ Chef and Creativity

Find out what kind of texts gets this legendary Filipinx chef hot and bothered

In our second episode, chef Angela Dimayuga (@angela.dimayuga) stops by Rulebreakers HQ to talk with host Howin Wong about S-E-X, food, intimacy, and her process for innovation.

Director: Clara Chung, Josh Almario
Producer: Clara Chung
Executive Producer: Howin Wong
DP: Austin Esposito, Josh Almario, Michael Tanji
Set Design: Clara Chung, Richard Tran, Austin Jose, Josh Almario
Editor: Reynolds Barney, Eric Corrales, Clara Chung
Camera Operator: Richard Tran, Martin Gradek
Key Grip/Props: Richard Tran
Sound Engineer: Ashley Adams, Chris Han
Hair/Makeup: Kerry Yamauchi, Leann Seto, Karla Bonilla
Set PA: Holden Ross, Kris Hing, Holden Harris, Jeremy Aquino, Joon Lee