JoySauce Late Night Ep. 1: Hanging w/ Gaming Icon Kiki Wolfkill & AAPI Musical Song of the Year

Special guest Kiki Wolfkill joins the very first episode of your new favorite show

What if there was a new place, a new platform, where Asian American centered stories were the default? Where the norm was Asian American stories written by Asian Americans, directed by Asian Americans, produced by Asian Americans?

So opens the first episode of our original show JoySauce Late Night, hosted by Jonathan Ng Sposato, with special guest Kiki Wolfkill, legendary video game developer, in a conversation about her new show, her complicated feelings about being mixed race, and much more.

Special appearance by show writers Kimi Rutledge, Ricci Armani, Rachel Tatsumi Perry, and Richard King Lee, with DJ Kemyst.

Don’t miss the big ending!