Bulge Bracket Trailer

Welcome to Wall Street’s most exclusive frat house: Don’t fuck it up

In the high-intensity world of mergers, acquisitions, and IPOs, recent b-school graduate Cathy Lee (Jessika Van, CBS’s Rush Hour) begins her career at a prestigious New York investment bank. Amidst the frat house office culture of Wall Street, Cathy wrestles with imposter syndrome and struggles to exert her authority over a cadre of young analysts, who continually push the boundaries of procrastination. While her colleagues spar over the pecking order, Cathy encounters the old boys’ network and unexpectedly finds herself enveloped in a #MeToo moment. When she finally stands up for herself, will she lose her seat at the table? Similar in tone to HBO’s Silicon Valley, this ensemble dramedy finds humor in high-stress situations at the office, as it explores the costs of climbing the corporate ladder.