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Prep for the Chaos of Aries Season With These TikToks

Get ready for a month of competitiveness and brutal honesty

Words by Ryan Quan

Weekly Roundup: TikTok is full of humor, talent, and whimsy, but it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for among the vast amount of content on the app. We’ve done the hard work for you, curating this weekly column full of funny, fresh, delightful videos by AAPI creators.

Aries season is officially here! This fire sign is competitive, impulsive, and brutally honest. An Aries knows how to have a good time, even if they might put themselves and others in danger. If you want to go on an adventure but are too scared to head out alone, recruit your closest Aries friend! They'll say yes in a heartbeat.

An Aries is also the perfect person to talk to if you need to confront some hard-to-swallow truths. They won't beat around the bush. Whether you need help getting over a guy who hasn't been treating you right or are considering quitting your job, an Aries will be more than happy to tell you what they think.

But if your best friend is an Aries, be a bit cautious this month. Their impulsive, competitive nature can be infectious, and you might end up trying to one-up each other. We all love letting go of our inhibitions once in a while, but someone needs to pull in the reins. See what this month might look like with these very Aries TikToks.

@peternugget the popular girls make New Year’s resolutions 🤣🤣 @diannosaurrr #pov #comedy #fyp ♬ original sound - peter nguyen
@malloacademy If you've been studying my content, you know that the answer to this is: #LearnKorean #studyKorean #Korean ♬ 밤양갱 - 비비 (BIBI)
@theoneshu Only real Asians can make this joke @garythomasla @alexakhanofficial #wereasian #comedy #joke #asian #parody ♬ original sound - Shuang Hu

Published on March 22, 2024

Words by Ryan Quan

Ryan Quan is the Social Media Editor for JoySauce. This queer, half-Chinese, half-Filipino writer and graphic designer loves everything related to music, creative nonfiction, and art. Based in Brooklyn, he spends most of his time dancing to hyperpop and accidentally falling asleep on the subway. Follow him on Instagram at @ryanquans.