The Yes I Kan Podcast Ep. 23: Permission to Fail

Just a reminder: You are enough

For many Asian Americans, especially those whose parents were the first to immigrate to the West, there’s an immense pressure and expectation to succeed. When the odds are stacked against us, there’s an expectation that we need to figure out a way to win anyway. And if we fail, the shame can be suffocating and crippling—following us around into every step we take moving forward.
Today, Paul Kan discusses re-defining failure and explores the question, “What if we had permission to fail?” Who are we without achievements and accolades? And what could be possible for us if what we did or didn’t do could be separate from our wholeness, worthiness, and enough-ness?
Executive Producers: Paul Kan, Chelsea Lin, JoySauce

Hosted by Paul Kan

Paul Kan is a High Performance and Executive Coach, Talent Development Specialist, TEDx Keynote Speaker, and Host of the Yes I Kan Podcast. After almost a decade of sales and leadership experience managing multi-million dollar portfolios with billion dollar brands, he left corporate to pursue a more meaningful path. He has spent the past two years coaching over 300 corporate and individual clients from CEOs to Olympians to up-level their Emotional Intelligence capability, develop diverse talent and bring out the best from their teams. Today, he is on a mission to empower and inspire others to create their best version of an extraordinary life with joy, authenticity, and freedom.