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The Yes I Kan Podcast Ep. 8: How to Make an Impact by Being Me with AdaPia d’Errico

Being you is not only more than enough—it’s exactly what makes you perfectly qualified to make an impact

Sometimes we may think to ourselves “How can I possibly make an impact? How can I make a difference when all I have… is me?” What if Paul Kan told you that is not only more than enough—it is exactly what makes you perfectly qualified? In Paul’s conversation with AdaPia d’Errico today, she uncovers the incredible and unexpected lessons she learned when her speaking video went viral on Goalcast, how to find your authentic path that is in alignment for you, and how forgiving ourselves and letting go of shame can lead us to our personal power.
Executive Producers: Paul Kan, Chelsea Lin, JoySauce

Hosted by Paul Kan

Paul Kan is a High Performance and Executive Coach, Talent Development Specialist, TEDx Keynote Speaker, and Host of the Yes I Kan Podcast. After almost a decade of sales and leadership experience managing multi-million dollar portfolios with billion dollar brands, he left corporate to pursue a more meaningful path. He has spent the past two years coaching over 300 corporate and individual clients from CEOs to Olympians to up-level their Emotional Intelligence capability, develop diverse talent and bring out the best from their teams. Today, he is on a mission to empower and inspire others to create their best version of an extraordinary life with joy, authenticity, and freedom.