The Yes I Kan Podcast Ep. 4: Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet with Deepa Liu

What’s your superpower and how can you share it with the world?

It can be incredibly daunting when we first discover our gifts—especially when it’s different from what is expected, talked about, and celebrated in the environments that we’re in. Just like each superhero that has that equally shocking and terrifying moment of when they discovered they could shoot webs, shoot laser beams or have superhuman strength, each person has that moment when they discover their superpower: “What is this and what do I do now?” Today, Paul Kan has a conversation with Deepa Liu about her journey to discovering her superpower of infusing God’s higher consciousness with her paintings and coming out of her spiritual closet. They talk about the struggle of not knowing how to share your gifts to the world, the fear of being seen, and the power of learning how to hear and trust to your inner guidance. To dive into what it takes to activate and unleash your personal superpower, and what could possibly be available for you when you find the courage to step through the doors that we’ve been hiding behind.
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Executive Producers: Paul Kan, Chelsea Lin, JoySauce

Hosted by Paul Kan

Paul Kan is a High Performance and Executive Coach, Talent Development Specialist, TEDx Keynote Speaker, and Host of the Yes I Kan Podcast. After almost a decade of sales and leadership experience managing multi-million dollar portfolios with billion dollar brands, he left corporate to pursue a more meaningful path. He has spent the past two years coaching over 300 corporate and individual clients from CEOs to Olympians to up-level their Emotional Intelligence capability, develop diverse talent and bring out the best from their teams. Today, he is on a mission to empower and inspire others to create their best version of an extraordinary life with joy, authenticity, and freedom.