Brown Boi Love Ep. 1: What You and I and Love Are

Say ‘hello’ to Jeric and Robinick as they discuss all things sex, love, intimacy, and embark on a journey to find a new shared lover

This first week is all about beginnings! These initial three episodes were recorded toward the very beginning of the pandemic—hosts Jeric Smith and Robinick Fernandez sat on these for a bit, shuffled away onto a cluttered desktop for two years. But lucky you: They’re dusting off the keyboards, the microphones, they’re all PrEP’d up and finally ready to re-emerge! Hello, welcome hotties!!!
In this first episode, Jeric and Robinick introduce themselves, your beloved Brown Boi Love hosts, as they talk about love, sex, and all things intimacy with their friends and families. But there’s more—they’re on a journey to find their next shared lover! Jeric and Robinick BEGIN their journey with stories about how they first met, what they’re looking for in a lover (or loversssss), the perils and thrills of gay cruising. And to close it out the pair offers their very unsound advice in response to a touchy question from a friend. Bookshops, daddies waiting in parks for twinky Robinick, and hamburgers! Stick around and tune in every week—new episodes are on the way! “Whatever you do, don’t CHEAT on yo mans.”

Hosted by Robinick Fernandez

Robinick Fernandez is a prolific and visionary creative director whose work blends the worlds of art, architecture, design, and fashion. For two decades Robinick Fernandez connected art with design for global brands, and his work has left an impact having navigated across many countries and cultures including Europe, Asia, the United States and beyond. For his next venture, he celebrates his Filipino American roots as Creative Director for JoySauce, being committed to cultural storytelling, sustainability, forward-thinking design, and conscious content .

Hosted by Jeric Smith

Jeric Smith is a Chamoru-Filipino, queer poet living in Seattle. His family is from Dededo and Chalan Pago, Guahan. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Assaracus: A Journal of Gay Poetry, Indigenous Literatures from Micronesia (University of Hawai'i Press), Moss, Poetry Northwest, among other publications. He has performed and read original work at the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience, the Center on Contemporary Arts, and at various festivals and conferences. He received an MFA in creative writing from the Rainier Writing Workshop and is the director/curator of the contemporary art gallery, From Typhoon. He covers culture and entertainment for JoySauce.