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Meet the newest member of the JoySauce family: Mixed Asian Media

Gorgeous AND talented?! The brilliant minds behind Mixed Asian Media

Courtesy of Mixed Asian Media

Words by Chelsea Lin

Mixed Asian Media: JoySauce is proud to present something very special—a partnership with the ultra talented team over at Mixed Asian Media. In JoySauce’s mission to cover stories from the Asian American and Pacific Islander diaspora, we’ve always considered it incredibly important to include mixed AA+PI perspectives. Since their team already has that piece on lock, we’re delighted they were willing to join forces to help us share even more fresh, funny, interesting, irreverent stories each week. Take it away, MAM!

Hello, readers! Mixed Asian Media is so excited to be partnering with JoySauce to bring you awesome content each week.

A little bit about MAM: We are a digital media outlet created by multiracial, mixed Asian/Pacific Islanders. We seek to build community through conversations about what it means to be of mixed Asian descent today.

Recognized by the Nielsen Asian American Consumer Report, MAM is the leader in the mixed Asian narrative. We engage our audience through editorial pieces, celebrity interviews, photoshoots, and showcasing leaders from the mixed community.

MAM was created out of the need to recognize the often overlooked mixed Asian perspective and amplify mixed voices. We believe representation and diversity matter in all mediums and hope you enjoy our content. Welcome to the MAM Fam, JoySauce, and follow us for more @MixedAsianMedia.

Alex Chester-Iwata Mixed Asian Media

Editor-in-chief Alex Chester-Iwata

Courtesy of Mixed Asian Media

Alex Chester-Iwata (she/her)

Alex (she/her) is an actor, Mixed Asian Media’s editor-in-chief, and also the director of Mixed Asian Media Fest, a festival celebrating mixed APIs through the creative lens. This year she was honored as one of the top 50 Unsung Heroes at Asian Hustle Network’s Uplifted Conference. Alex graduated with Honors in May 2021 with her BA through St. Mary’s LEAP Program. She is the first person from LEAP to receive the Dean's Award for academic excellence and community engagement.

Alex has been acting since she was 5 years old. Growing up being one of the only mixed Asian kids in the entertainment industry, she never saw anyone that looked like her on stage and screen. The lack of representation for the mixed API community led her to start MAM. She is a community builder and has been featured in Shout Out LA, East Side Stories, The Mixed Space, AAPI Democracy Project, Theatre Art Life, and Worst Asian Podcast@AlexFChester 

Sam Tanabe Mixed Asian Media

Managing editor Sam Tanabe

Courtesy of Mixed Asian Media

Sam Tanabe (he/him)
Managing Editor

Sam is an NYC-based actor and writer. Struggling to find his identity as a mixed race performer led him to help build Mixed Asian Media as the managing editor and co-founder. Sam has performed on Broadway, off Broadway, in theaters across the country, and on TV. He was honored as one of the Top 50 Unsung Heroes at Asian Hustle Network's Uplifted Conference and has spoken on panels/events as a mixed-Asian artist for NYU, The Mixed Space, AAPI Democracy Project, and more. You can find Sam around Manhattan with a bubble tea in hand, working out at Barry’s, or online at and @tanablems.

Lauren Nakao Winn Mixed Asian Media

Creative Director Lauren Nakao Winn

Courtesy of Mixed Asian Media

Lauren Nakao Winn (she/her)
Creative Director

Lauren Winn is a pop culture whackjob who works in fashion. She is a sucker for genre-meshed aesthetics, a textbook workaholic, a bonafide digital media queen, and the sum of many rotating hyperfixations. If you want to get on her good side, greet her with a LaCroix or follow her on insta @laurennakaowinn.

Published on August 22, 2022

Words by Chelsea Lin

Chelsea Lin is JoySauce's Seattle-based managing editor and a lifelong storyteller (read: loudmouth). She loves memoirs, bold patterns and bright colors, travel (armchair or otherwise), and dessert—always dessert.