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Meet LA-Based Floral Designer Khôi Nguyen

His Instagram account @fleur.boy shows flowers can be... hot?

Words by Howin Wong

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If flowers could dream, what would they look like? These are the kinds of questions that keep Khôi Nguyen, aka Fleur Boy, up at night. Scrolling through the SoCal-based artist’s IG account, every floral arrangement looks like it has sprung forth from another fantastical dimension. And though it may not be immediately evident, Nguyen also uses his creations to explore his Vietnamese heritage, sexuality, and inner child. 

Check out our interview and JoySauce exclusive photoshoot below, where we discover more about this botanical babe, his process, and the reason why he creates.

Name: Khôi Nguyen
Age: 24
Location: Anaheim, CA

Astrological sign: Aquarius

Love language: cutting fruits // acts of service

Job/General title: florist

What is your definition of your style of work? Why do you make this type of work? “If flowers had dreams, what would they dream about?” through my floral creations, I reminisce of childhood and the boundless imagination that never ran dry. All play. 

I love to weave, wrap, and tangle. I incorporate non-conventional color & floral combinations to translate what the flowers are telling me. It keeps things fun and exciting.

I create for the inner child within me, within us all. To remind us all of our range to play more, love more, feel more, etc etc

What does your work aim to say? What emotions do you strive to evoke from your viewers when they see your floral work? If not emotional, what is your intention/objective? Many deep breaths and laughter to follow.

Tell me about yourself. What has brought you to this present moment in your life and inspired you to create the pieces you have? Cảm ơn ông nội, tôi yêu bạn [thank you Grandpa, I love you].

Flowers, fruits, and the natural world have always been a large part of my childhood. Upon arriving in America, similar to many immigrants who fled the Vietnam War, my family began rebuilding a new sanctuary. This natural sanctuary had every fruit you could imagine: dragonfruit, longan, lychee, jujube, grapefruit, kumquats, apple banana, guava, wax apple, and the list goes on. 

I was never too far away from home.

Where do you go to get inspiration? It’s all around us. 

What did you think you would be doing with your life before art came into the picture, and how did you end up here? Was there any particular moment that inspired the start of your career? Like many of my Asian siblings, I was en route to medical school. Then I said, hell nah. 

After many years repressing my creativity out of shame and judgment from my family, I broke the intergenerational curse to follow my heart. It was a journey to continue discovering what made me feel alive, how I could unearth more of myself, and the constant return back to my core.

With the increase of eyes on you and your floral artwork, do you have any personal goals or missions that you intend to get across to others who do not have your platform? Live, laugh, love. Have more sex.

What are your cultural inspirations? Do you have any social or political influences that you showcase through your art? The tropical oasis of Vietnam and its diverse ecosystems.

What do we have to look forward to with your upcoming work? Are you focused on any new projects that you can share with us? Fleur Play… that is all. 

Top 5 Instagram accounts you love: @yip.studio_ // @shengzhe__ // @alexleese // @fitzgerry // @sheridantjhung

What condiment describes you? Coconut milk syrup: sweet, lustrous, silky, and wet.

What do your parents do that you love the most (if applicable)? Criticize the way I dress <3

What’s your go-to karaoke jam? "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room" - John Mayer

What would you do with: 

  • Elon Musk’s fortune: Donate 99.99% of it to the land // mutual aid // Save 00.01% for personal expansion
  • Beyonce’s talent: Outshine everyone
  • Your grandma’s free time: Shave my bootyhole

Share the last selfie you took:

This or that?

  • Sriracha or chili crisp? Neither, I have IBS.
  • Korean skincare routine or Botox? K-beauty
  • TikTok or Instagram? Instagram, what is TikTok?
  • Fruit or chips? Fruits, 10000%

What’s your morning routine? File the dead skin cells from the soles of my feet

What are you made of? 50% rice // 20% tea // 20% Bose headphones // 5% anxiety // 4.5% depression // 0.5% hope

What gives you the laughs? Sailor Moon and friendship

How many hours a day do you work? How many hours are in a day?

How do you make work fun? The flowers do <3

What moves you? My anxiety

What holds you back? The fear of not being able to fulfill my own expectations // standards

What do you do on your days off? Drink tea // spend time in the garden // lay in the sun nude

What makes you tired? Capitalism // white supremacy // the patriarchy 

What keeps you awake? A shot of optimism chased with cum

What makes you sweat? Narcissists

Where do you want to retire? Wrapped in a lotus flower

Published on October 20, 2022

Words by Howin Wong

Howin Wong is a LA-based brand strategist, DJ, and JoySauce's LA-based wearer of many hats. In addition to being JoySauce’s brand director, his new show 'RuleBreakers' will be debuting later this spring.

Photography by Micci Quan

Micci Quan is a Los Angeles-based photographer and stylist.