Collage featuring one of this week's TikToks

Let’s Start AANHPI Heritage Month With Some TikToks

Even though we celebrate year-round here...

Words by Ryan Quan

Weekly Roundup: TikTok is full of humor, talent, and whimsy, but it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for among the vast amount of content on the app. We’ve done the hard work for you, curating this weekly column full of funny, fresh, delightful videos by AAPI creators.

It's officially AANHPI Heritage Month, and many organizations and corporations will show their support for our communities. Since the JoySauce team shares AA+PI stories year-round, we can show them how it's done!

@ruesaint Now you too can confidently pay for food with these 3 simple steps ❤️ #cantonese #chinese #asian #family ♬ original sound - Jack 李捷
@brandonjwong who would’ve thought @Christine Le ♬ original sound - Brandon

Published on May 3, 2024

Words by Ryan Quan

Ryan Quan is the Social Media Editor for JoySauce. This queer, half-Chinese, half-Filipino writer and graphic designer loves everything related to music, creative nonfiction, and art. Based in Brooklyn, he spends most of his time dancing to hyperpop and accidentally falling asleep on the subway. Follow him on Instagram at @ryanquans.