Let’s Get Cozy With Some Taurus-Themed TikToks

This earth sign knows what they like and sticks to it

Words by Ryan Quan

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It's officially Taurus season, so get ready to treat yourself! This earth sign knows what they like and sticks to it. This month, you might find yourself settling into a comfortable routine full of self-care and delicious food. Taureans are all about meeting their own needs and seeking pleasure. Whether that means staying in to do a face mask or finally trying that baking recipe, this season is all about fulfilling your personal desires.

And Tauruses aren't just known for pleasure-seeking; they're also hard workers. Just like Virgos and Capricorns—the other earth signs—Taureans know how to get shit done. Now is the perfect time to edit your manuscript or actualize that project you've been planning. Since this earth sign specializes in routine and tenacity, focus on long-term goals and deadlines that require persistent focus.

But unlike the other earth signs, Tauruses know how to balance work and play. While a Capricorn might neglect their personal needs to get work done and a Virgo might overthink to the point of self-sabotage, a Taurus will remember to pay attention to their body and focus on the physical. However, this doesn't mean that this earth sign is without flaws. This season, be conscious about stubbornness and isolation. Tauruses are all about comfort and self-pleasure, so they can be prone to neglecting their relationships.

If you wanna know more about what to expect this month, watch these TikToks that give major Taurus vibes.

@ruesaint Started noticing a wild @laparasian ♬ original sound - Jack 李捷

Filled to the brim just how I like it

♬ original sound - Whyjake

Published on April 21, 2023

Words by Ryan Quan

Ryan Quan is the Social Media Editor for JoySauce. This queer, half-Chinese, half-Filipino writer and graphic designer loves everything related to music, creative nonfiction, and art. Based in Brooklyn, he spends most of his time dancing to hyperpop and accidentally falling asleep on the subway. Follow him on Instagram at @ryanquans.