JoySauce Radio: These tracks are fire

However you choose to welcome warmer weather, we've got you with this month's playlist

Words by Anjana Pawa

JoySauce Radio: Consider JoySauce Radio our own personal song recommendations—from the tunes and videos our writers love to DJ-produced mixes of dance floor bangers—all from Asian and Pacific Islander artists around the world. 

This month’s playlist features some spicy tunes by Asian artists from all over the world. From the vibrant beats of Priya Ragu's Tamil-infused melodies, to the infectious Punjabi rhythms of Diljit Dosanjh and Saweetie's exciting and surprising collaboration, the South Asian musicians on this list are sure to get you off your feet. If you want something a bit slower to ease you into the spring months, there are some soft tunes for you as well, like the gentle love song from the Hadestown' soundtrack. Whatever your preference, the sounds coming out of the Asian diaspora are nothing short of fire this month.

"Easy" by Priya Ragu

Priya Ragu is one of South Asian diaspora’s biggest talents. The Swiss lyricist and performer has made a name for herself across the pop music scene, putting out catchy tracks like “Lemon Chicken Rice” and “Goodbye My Love,” which have amassed millions of streams. Her latest album Santhosam brings her back to her roots, where she brings forward her Sri Lankan heritage, experiments with various sounds, and sings in Tamil. “Easy” is a standout track.

"Khutti" by Diljit Dosanjh feat. Saweetie

Punjabi music is really having its moment. One of the most exciting new releases in the genre is “Khutti” by superstar Diljit Dosanjh, who asked Saweetie to hop on the track with him. Not only did the two create an earworm of a track that is bound to take over the charts, but the video to accompany is just as fun and colorful. Both artists are able to showcase their talents on this interesting, fun, and unexpected collaboration.

"Mile Run" by gyrofield

Kiana Li, who is known by their musical moniker “gyrofield” is one of the most exciting artists in the EDM scene right now. The Hong Kong-born, Bristol-based drum and bass musician and electronica producer made a name for herself at a very young age. This track, “Mile Run” shows the range of her style, from psychedelic and trance, to heavy industrial drum and bass.

"All I’ve Ever Known" from Hadestown The Musical

This tune from the Tony Award-winning musical Hadestown is a soft, beautiful love song that you’ll definitely want to put on your playlist for spring. The original soundtrack features the voice of Filipino American Eva Nozeblada, who originated the role of Eurydice on Broadway. Currently, the role is being played by Lola Tung from The Summer I Turned Pretty.

“Only If You Say So” by Low Hum

This indie-rock tune by Low Hum, who’s full name is Collin Desha, feels nostalgic and makes you want to get up and dance. The 13th generation Hawaiian musician is known for the way he mixes various genres into a track; synth pop, rock, grunge, and lofi beats, and “Only If You Say So” showcases how they meld perfectly onto a track. 

Published on March 27, 2024

Words by Anjana Pawa

Anjana Pawa is a Brooklyn-based culture reporter who regularly covers music, entertainment and beauty. You can find her on Twitter at @apawawrites.