Image from the music video for “Fast Forward” by Somi

JoySauce Radio: Our Top 10 Songs of 2023

It's been a hot year for music out of the A+PI diaspora—these hits need to be on your playlist

Words by Anjana Pawa

JoySauce Radio: Consider JoySauce Radio our own personal song recommendations—from the tunes and videos our writers love to DJ-produced mixes of dance floor bangers—all from Asian and Pacific Islander artists around the world. 

This has been quite a year for music. Our favorite Asian artists have delivered us a variety of fresh tracks, from mellow jazz to danceable earworms. As we bid farewell to the diverse musical landscape of 2023, it's evident that this year has been a treasure trove, offering a sonic journey across many genreswe can’t wait to see what 2024 brings! Here are some of our favorite tracks of the year:

“Glue Song” by beabadoobee

There’s no denying that this track was one of the biggest viral hits of 2023. The music video accompanying the song was filmed in the Philippines, in the artist’s family’s hometown of Iloilo City and shot on 16 mm film. This sweet and simple love song penned by the 23-year-old touched the hearts of many and put beabadoobee on the map as one to watch in 2024.

“Fast Forward” by Somi

Twenty-two-year-old Somi has been in the spotlight for almost 10 years now, but she’s never put anything out quite like “Fast Forward.” This energetic dance track will get stuck in your head, no matter how hard you try to get it out. Something about it feels nostalgic, as if you’ve heard it on a night out before, but it’s also incredibly fresh and new.

“With You” by AP Dhillon

This song is an earworm, much like most of AP Dhillon’s songs, but hits a bit different. The singer juxtaposes the heartbreak tune with a video that tells a story of new love, and the audiences loved it. This song became the backdrop for many people’s own love stories across TikTok and Reels, and it’ll be on our playlists through to next year.

“My Love Mine All Mine”  by Mitski

Mitski created a tune that became an anthem for self love and understanding its power. The backdrop to the lyrics are soft and enchanting, almost putting you in a daze. The visuals that match the song are equally as beautiful.

“Bewitched” by Laufey

Young singer-songwriter Laufey has had quite the year, bringing jazz-inspired indie music to the forefront. She’s put out an album, collaborated with contemporaries, given us an NPR Tiny Desk performance, and embarked on a tour all this year alone. She shows no signs of slowing down into 2024!

“Super Shy” by NewJeans

If you don’t know this song, you must have been living under a rock in 2023. Whether or not you’ve heard of NewJeans, you’ve definitely heard at least one of their songs; “Attention,” “Hype Boy,” and “Ditto” made their way onto everyone’s playlists this year, and and this group has been breaking records held by industry giants like BLACKPINK. These girls may become household names by 2024’s end at the pace they’re rising, mark our words.

“Mulaqat” by Prateek Kuhad

Prateek Kuhad is known for his soft and slow love songs, lyrically strong and musically quiet. “Mulaqat” brings forward that classic style of his and is mixed with beautiful Hindi lyrics to match. This song is perfect for a holiday party playlist and to ease us into the slowness of winter.

“Love Me Again” by V

As BTS is on a hiatus while the members do their mandatory military enlistment, some of the members have embarked on a solo journey, including V. This project feels authentic to V as a person, with sounds reminiscent of songs he shares on his Instagram story. We’re glad we got a solo album from him, and this song will keep us warm throughout the winter.

“ur so pretty” by Wasia Project

Wasia Project has climbed up everyone’s playlist in 2023, especially with “ur so pretty.” After a spot on the Heartstopper soundtrack, the duo have been writing and performing nonstop, with a new single and video releasing right on time for the holidays. They’re definitely on our list of artists to watch in 2024.


This trio from Pakistan has taken the world by storm in 2023. They’ve had multiple hit singles across the South Asian subcontinent and are on the rise globally. “SHIKAYAT” is a beautiful tune featuring melodic guitar tunes, soft vocals, and hypnotic visuals to match.

Published on December 27, 2023

Words by Anjana Pawa

Anjana Pawa is a Brooklyn-based culture reporter who regularly covers music, entertainment and beauty. You can find her on Twitter at @apawawrites.