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Joy of the Day

Because sometimes, you just need to laugh at something random.

Words by Jonathan Ing Sposato


JoySauce always strives to bring you thought provoking and deeply substantive editorial. Often our editorial is intelligently authored by world class writers with past bylines in major media outlets like The New York Times or The Atlantic.

This post is not one of those. This post is about quite possibly the fluffiest, most non-socially relevant thing we could find; a beguiling and gorgeous account on Instagram that we can't take our eyes off of;

There's a saying that if you don't aspire to do great things, then do small things in a great way. Instagram account @beautifuldixe is the most enchanting feed on social media we have come across of late. Existing solely on Instagram with around 433K followers, their imagery is comprised almost exclusively of fantastical landscapes featuring cute kids with even cuter animals, digitally altered in a sort of lilliputian dreamscape. Most all of the loops are digital compositions, while just a few videos are simply real world footage with no augmentation; presenting as fascinating 'slices of life' imagery that underscore the beauty of SE Asia. All are small exquisite moments meant to beguile.

I'll be the first to admit that I am not a 'cute babies and kittens' guy, but I can't stop looking at any of this. And in a social media sea of strutting influencers, exotic cars, and beautiful yoga, @beautifuldixe offers us all a winsome break in our visual diet.


See what we mean?Β  We just can't stop looking...


Published on May 29, 2022

Words by Jonathan Ing Sposato

Jonathan Sposato is the founder and acting editor-in-chief of JoySauce. When he is not planting eggplants in his garden, he can usually be found explaining to friends just how a London-born, half-Chinese, half-Korean guy ended up with an Italian last name, while going to a school in Hong Kong run by Spanish nuns.