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Dive into Miami Music Week with Hidden Horizon’s All-Asian lineup

Eight Asian DJs will share the spotlight at the new music label’s launch party

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Words by Winter Qiu

This year’s Miami Music Week, an annual celebration of EDM that draws fans from around the globe, features Hidden Horizon, a brand new Asian-centric music label and creative collective aiming to change the music scene with a focus on strengthening community. The launch party on March 20, at the Freehold in Miami, will feature a lineup of DJs from Asian diasporas around the world, including Elephante, Sabai, Yetep, Hoang, Win & Woo, DJ Mandy, Dreamdriver, and Ana V.

The lineup will culminate in another first: a special headlining set by Elephante, Yetep, and Sabai performing together as B2B2B.

“The purpose of this label is to give a platform for Asian DJs and producers to unite and showcase their talents, all while we build a community with the fans,” says Michael Tam, the organizer of the event. 

Artists are also excited about the prospect of the new label, calling Hidden Horizon the community they need. “It's about giving underrepresented voices a platform to be heard,” says Taiwanese American DJ Elephante. “And most importantly, it's about celebrating the culture that has brought us to where we are while still striving for our dreams just beyond the horizon."

"I envision Hidden Horizon to be a home for creatives,” says Thai Canadian producer Sabai. “I want to build this community to be a place where we help each other grow, share resources, so we can uplift one another!"

Elephante and Sabai released their first single with Hidden Horizon, “Say It Like You Mean It,” on March 8.

Hopefully, this is just the beginning for Hidden Horizons. Tam says he looks forward to throwing future events to bring Asian talents to new audiences all across North America. Tickets for the inaugural event are on sale now and can be purchased on their official website.

Published on March 12, 2024

Words by Winter Qiu

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