Samantha Pak

Samantha Pak (she/her) is an award-winning Cambodian American journalist from the Seattle area and assistant editor for JoySauce. She spends more time than she’ll admit shopping for books than actually reading them, and has made it her mission to show others how amazing Southeast Asian people are. Follow her on Twitter at @iam_sammi and on Instagram at @sammi.pak.

Photo from the music video for "Freelance" by Toro y Moi

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Dalip Singh Saund was the first Asian American to serve in Congress when he was elected as a U.S. representative in 1956.

442: The First U.S. Representative of Asian Descent

Known simply as ‘Judge,’ Dalip Singh Saund was committed to his home district in Southern California and supporting the lives of farmers there

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The cover of The Kim Sisters' 1959 single, "Harbor Lights."

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In 2014, Joyce Chen was one of four celebrity chefs honored by the United States Postal Service as part of its Celebrity Chefs Forever line of limited-edition stamps.

442: Meet the TV Chef Who Introduced Chinese Food to American TV Audiences

Joyce Chen’s fame started with making egg rolls for her kids’ school event

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Vicki Draves

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Vicki Manalo Draves overcame racism and discrimination to become the first Asian American to win Olympic gold


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We take a look back at Duke Kahanamoku, 110 years after the legend’s first Olympic games

In July 1974, 135 workers walked out of the Jung Sai garment factory in San Francisco’s Chinatown.

442: The Jung Sai Garment Workers Strike

Forty eight years after the strike, a little history lesson on an immigrant-led revolution