Jonathan Ng Sposato

Jonathan Sposato is the founder and acting editor-in-chief of JoySauce. He is also the Chairman and Co-founder of independent tech newsite, and founder of photosite  When he is not planting eggplants in his garden, he can usually be found explaining to friends just how a London-born, half-Chinese, half-Korean guy ended up with an Italian last name, while going to a British school in Hong Kong run by Spanish nuns.

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Don’t Forget Your Mask

Photographer Michelle Watt visualizes how code switching is an everyday occurrence for many AA+PIs


You Can Have My Money, But Please Don’t Take My Chicken

How Asian and American came together for one very memorable Lunar New Year

Best in Show

My Eggplant is Bigger than Yours

I say the things that need to be said, on behalf of all Asian men.

A staged photo series about Asian American narratives by Michelle Watt for Joy Sauce

But Where Are You From From?

Acclaimed photographer Michelle Watt creates a game show setup mocking the question Asian Americans encounter daily

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How ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Changed Taiwan

How did the most iconic flight jacket of all time impact Chinese-Taiwan relations, and changed the way some Chinese Americans feel seen?

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Joy of the Day

Because sometimes, you just need to laugh at something random.

Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Why Kelly Marie Tran is Our Hero

Surviving racism and sexism, KMT shows us the meaning of making the impossible possible, and the importance of believers