Carolyn Hinds

Carolyn is a Tomatometer-Approved Critic, Journalist, Podcaster and YouTube. Her published work can be found on Observer, ButWhyTho?, Shondaland, Salon and many other. She’s a member of the African American Film Critics Association (AAFCA), co-hosts So Here’s What Happened Podcast! and is the host of Carolyn Talks…, and Beyond The Romance Podcasts. You can find her regularly live tweeting her current Asian drama watches using #DramasWithCarrie, and the weekly Sci-Fi watch along with #SaturdayNightSciFi.

Remy Marthaller in "Seagrass" with long brown hair in a half ponytail and white t-shirt looks down, against greenery in the background.

‘Seagrass’ Is about More than Just One Japanese Canadian Family

Writer Carolyn Hinds talks with filmmaker Meredith Hama-Brown about her stirring film of life and loss

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Behind the Action, Lee Jung-Jae’s New Film Is About Korean Reconciliation

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‘Pachinko’ masterfully dramatizes the universal trials and tribulations of an immigrant family

Lush visuals and complex storytelling come together in Apple TV+’s sumptuous historical drama spanning four generations