Caroline Cao

Caroline Cao is an NYC-based writer. A queer Vietnamese American woman, she also won’t shut up about animation and theatre. She likes ramen, pasta, and fanfic writing. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @Maximinalist.

Yaya Han in her Chun-Li cosplay, commissioned by Capcom for "Street Fighter 6."

One of the World’s Most Famous Cosplayers Shares the Joy (and Pain) of Playing Dress-Up

Yaya Han has been Chun-Li, Jessica Rabbit, Wonder Woman, and more—here she talks about why she’s been so drawn to cosplay

Monkey King homepage-min

Meet the Monkey King for a New Generation

Writer Caroline Cao talks producer Peilin Chou on Netflix’s newest retelling of an age-old Chinese folktale

Nimona screenshot homepage-min

Netflix’s New ‘Nimona’ Is Queerer and More Asian Than the Comic

It’s not often that a book-to-screen adaptation gets this kind of treatment, and we’re absolutely here for it

sabine wren crop final

When It Comes to Turning Animation into Live-Action, Disney Doesn’t Always Get It Right

In honor of Star Wars Day, a discussion of the complicated way colorism shows up in the sci-fi franchise, particularly in a casting decision for the coming-soon “Ahsoka”

NGYJ_Still_Ingest_YANG-JIAN homepage-min

Chinese Folklore Gets a Punk Makeover in ‘New Gods: Yang Jian’

Lightchaser Animation’s new series takes a different approach to a traditional tale

velma_3 homepage-min

‘Velma’ Limits Its Own Laughs

Credit though, Velma and Daphne do have real romantic chemistry

Kody Kavitha

Meet One of the Voice Actors Behind Netflix’s Groundbreaking ‘Dead End: Paranormal Park’

Writer Caroline Cao talks to Kody Kavitha on portraying a queer and neurodivergent Asian teen, the theme park she worked at before being on the show, and more