Caroline Cao

Caroline Cao is an NYC-based writer. A queer Vietnamese American woman, she also won’t shut up about animation and theatre. She likes ramen, pasta, and fanfic writing. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @Maximinalist.

A tiger struts with an explosion happening in the background.To their left is a goat. To the right is a dog.

‘Tiger’s Apprentice’ director Raman Hui enjoys being of ‘two worlds’ in animation

The Hong Kong-born animator talks “Tiger’s Apprentice,” zodiacs and more

An animated woman with red hair and floral top stands next to a Psyduck Pokemon on a balcony in front of a window.

Splashing into the Unique Stop-Motion Paradise of ‘Pokémon Concierge’

Writer Caroline Cao talks with animator Iku Ogawa on overcoming the scariest part of Netflix’s new Pokémon series: animating a human

Scott Pilgrim from "Scott Pilgrim Takes Off" holds up fist against orange and yellow background.

Why the ‘Scott Pilgrim’ Creator Changed the Game in Anime

Comic mastermind Bryan Lee O’Malley hopes his fans enjoy the big swings in the Netflix’s new Scott Pilgrim story

Pluto homepage-min

Netflix’s New ‘Pluto’ Borrows the Politics of ‘Astro Boy’

Writer Caroline Cao offers a primer on the cartoony war and racism politics in ‘Astro Boy,’ and how they show up (and don’t) in the new anime

Yaya Han in her Chun-Li cosplay, commissioned by Capcom for "Street Fighter 6."

One of the World’s Most Famous Cosplayers Shares the Joy (and Pain) of Playing Dress-Up

Yaya Han has been Chun-Li, Jessica Rabbit, Wonder Woman, and more—here she talks about why she’s been so drawn to cosplay

Monkey King homepage-min

Meet the Monkey King for a New Generation

Writer Caroline Cao talks producer Peilin Chou on Netflix’s newest retelling of an age-old Chinese folktale

Nimona screenshot homepage-min

Netflix’s New ‘Nimona’ Is Queerer and More Asian Than the Comic

It’s not often that a book-to-screen adaptation gets this kind of treatment, and we’re absolutely here for it

sabine wren crop final

When It Comes to Turning Animation into Live-Action, Disney Doesn’t Always Get It Right

In honor of Star Wars Day, a discussion of the complicated way colorism shows up in the sci-fi franchise, particularly in a casting decision for the coming-soon “Ahsoka”

NGYJ_Still_Ingest_YANG-JIAN homepage-min

Chinese Folklore Gets a Punk Makeover in ‘New Gods: Yang Jian’

Lightchaser Animation’s new series takes a different approach to a traditional tale