Andy Crump

Bostonian culture journalist Andy Crump covers movies, beer, music, fatherhood, and way too many other subjects for way too many outlets, perhaps even yours: Paste Magazine, Inverse, The New York Times, Hop Culture, Polygon, and Men's Health, plus more. You can follow him on Bluesky and find his collected work at his personal blog. He’s composed of roughly 65 percent craft beer.

A closeup of actor Kōji Yakusho in a blue shirt with the words "The Tokyo Toilet" on the left side, in "Perfect Days."

Wim Wenders’ ‘Perfect Days’ finds a perfect role for Kōji Yakusho

The Japanese legend showcases his many layers as an actor while playing a character with more to him than meets the eye

A man and woman stand around a rustic kitchen in "The Taste of Things."

Food is the love language in Tran Anh Hùng’s ‘The Taste of Things’

In the French Vietnamese director’s latest film, food is its own character—and real as the actors prepared actual dishes that the cast and crew enjoyed each day

A Japaense man and blonde woman look at each other with Japanese signs in the background.

Fran Rubel Kuzui’s ‘Tokyo Pop’ is a time capsule in filmmaking

Writer Andy Crump talks to the filmmaker on her newly restored film, and how it also captures beautifully the late Carrie Hamilton

Actor Bobby Lee in blue pajama top sits at a table with a bowl of ramen and other small objects on top, with chopsticks in his hand.

How Tiger Ji’s ‘Death and Ramen’ Delivers Catharsis in a Noodle Bowl

The new short, featuring Bobby Lee, rethinks perceptions about passing on

SLEEP_STILL homepage-min

7 Asian Genre Films to Watch Out For

Featuring the best in fantasy, horror, sci-fi, and cult filmmaking, this year’s Fantastic Fest featured a plethora of films from Asia

It Lives Inside homepage-min

Get to Know the Pishacha—the Indian Demon in ‘It Lives Inside’

Bishal Dutta’s uber-creepy horror film is deeply inspired by his Indian American upbringing