Alex Chester-Iwata

Alex Chester-Iwata is the Editor-in-Chief of Mixed Asian Media. She's a boba-drinking cat lady who loves to travel. When not running MAM you might catch her on TV.

Lisa Joy-2

Lisa Joy Is the Mixed Asian Sci-Fi Queen

The fantasy writer behind ‘Westworld’ and ‘The Peripheral’ weighs in on how her identity has helped her succeed

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Jews and Asians: A Combo More Perfect Than You’d Think

Observations of a JAP-squared (Japanese American Princess/Jewish American Princess)

(L to R) Anna Shay, Kane Lim, Kelly Mi Li, Jamie Xie

An Interview with Anna Shay, Reality TV Star and Heiress

Alex Chester-Iwata sits down with the “Bling Empire” star to discuss the show, being mixed race and her famous comedian uncle.