All members of BTS will be renewing their contracts with Big Hit Music.

All Seven BTS Members Renew Contract with Big Hit Music

The K-pop superstars have officially chosen to stick with their longtime label


Illustration of Asian dads

My Asian Dad is Not a Meme

Why we as Asian Americans shouldn’t underestimate or dismiss our Asian dads


Start August Right With These Hilarious TikToks

2022 is going by way too fast; take some time to watch these videos and enjoy the moment

k drama homepage final

Mixed Love: How A Shared Love of Asian Dramas Brought Us Together

Writer Teena Apeles has spent more than two decades living next door to her 80-year-old Cuban American neighbor, but it was their mutual obsession with Asian rom-coms that really sealed a special friendship


Brightening Up Your Week With Our Favorite TikToks

Work is overrated—watch these videos instead


Don’t Rain On My Parade!

In this week’s Nguyeners and Losers column, Stacy Nguyen talks about Lea Michele, Beanie Feldstein, and the importance of giving toxic people second chances (not really)

Constance Wu-2C

Perfectly Imperfect, Constance Wu

Her rebound showed real bravery, while Twitterverse revealed our own worst selves


OMG, Am I Wasian?

How a slang term for mixed Asian and white people led writer Maylin Tu down a path of self-discovery


Ariana Grande is White?! Does Her Mom Know?!

In this week’s column, writer Stacy Nguyen takes on the many (appropriated) looks of the pop starlet

Gender in the family by Martin Gee final

My Parents Always Wanted a Boy

Writer Irene Zhang weighs in on big sisterhood and the lessons in feminism she unexpectedly learned from her Chinese parents


Mixed Love: My Best Friends Taught Me How to Date Like a ‘Normal’ Person

It took a diverse group of opinionated friends (and years debunking romance myths) to coach writer Chin Lu into joining the “special club for happily partnered people”

Amber Heard-1

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People (Over Celebrity Gossip)

Johnny Depp won, and I’m on the brink of throwing friends into the garbage because of it


Reinventing Nani’s Recipes

Anisa’s grandmother just wanted her to be a “proper girl”—but she wanted more

Tom Cruise-2

I Miss ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ Tom Cruise

All we have left is forever-action-hero Tom Cruise, and that is such a bummer, man

Screen Shot 2022-06-04 at 10.52.06 PM

How ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Changed Taiwan

How did the most iconic flight jacket of all time impact Chinese-Taiwan relations, and changed the way some Chinese Americans feel seen?

Screen Shot 2022-05-26 at 10.04.23 AM

Joy of the Day

Because sometimes, you just need to laugh at something random.

Nic Cage-2

Hey Big Spender

Nicolas Cage is an inspiration to uptight, financially conservative Asians everywhere

Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Why Kelly Marie Tran is Our Hero

Surviving racism and sexism, KMT shows us the meaning of making the impossible possible, and the importance of believers

Erin_Quill 2-min homepage

Why Asian American Creatives Need to Say Yes to “Yes and…”

Erin Quill is your Comedy Auntie, and she wants you to stop worrying about losing face, embrace your inner Elsa, and let it go

bilingualism by frankie huang-min crop

What We Lose When We Don’t Speak the Same Language as Our Immigrant Parents

Scholar Sarah Phillips on how bilingualism, rather than assimilation, is the key to a balanced multicultural identity


Mixed Love: The Firelit Sanctuary in a Cold White Town

In the New England town where few bother to see them fully, two immigrant girls found warmth by their backyard brazier

Ben and Jlo-2-min

Are We Really Falling for Bennifer 2.0, or has Nostalgia Rotted Our Brains!?

Ben Affleck is so good at failing up that he has managed to date JLo twice