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Astrology with Alice: Meet Jupiter, Santa of the solar system

With Jupiter entering Gemini this month, Alice shares what this means and how the planet can bring us good luck

Words by Alice Smith

Astrology with Alice: Welcome to Astrology with Alice, a monthly astrology column aimed at helping readers understand the vibes of the month ahead in plain English. As a Taiwanese immigrant who grew up in Los Angeles, I specialize in combining western astrology with eastern philosophy. I’ve taught modern astrology through the lens of Buddhism and Taoism, and I also draw from the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. Knowing the movements of the planets can help us make decisions around our careers, relationships, family. As the planets move around in the sky, they shift the energetic vibes we experience on Earth, and I believe in flowing with energy instead of fighting it—to work smarter, not harder. So join me on our monthly planetary lowdowns and learn how you, too, can ride the cosmic waves!

This month, all eyes are on Jupiter. It’s on the move, entering Gemini at the end of the month. This means that it’ll bring its expansive energy into the sign of the celestial twins and shift the direction of our luck and opportunities, on both a personal and a collective level.

When astrologers look at the year ahead, we look to the outer planets that are further away from the sun—Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto—because they pack a bigger punch on us collectively. Some astrologers will cringe at my inelegant name for so-called “difficult” planets that are associated with obstacles and adversity, which I’ve dubbed “the Scaries.” It seems unfair, then, that as the lone non-Scary, Jupiter, has the fastest orbit and zips through the zodiac signs faster than the others. Jupiter stays in a sign for only one year while the Scaries can hunker down in place for years, plural (and sometimes decades!). Therefore, it’s important to take advantage of any edge that Jupiter gives you before it skedaddles off into the next sign!

Jupiter is named after the Roman king of the gods, and his Greek counterpart is Zeus, who ruled on Mount Olympus. We’re so far removed from those archetypes, though, that we don’t immediately pick up on the “kindly benefactor vibes” that those names would have inspired in the ancient world. Our best modern-day counterpart—as taught to me by my teacher Steven Forrest—is Santa Claus.

Yup. You read that right. Santa Claus is a good analogy for Jupiter because astrological Jupiter is associated with the same kind of generosity, cheer, and optimism that Santa Claus represents. So unlike stingy Saturn, who makes you work hard for what you get, Jupiter bears gifts and blessings. That’s why Jupiter’s transits are considered lucky. Even negative contacts from Jupiter are largely considered fortunate.

So when Jupiter changes signs, it’s a big cosmic shift, because it signals a change in the direction of the wind in our proverbial sails. Jupiter is moving into Gemini on May 25, where it’ll stay until it moves into Cancer in June 2025. And while it’s in Gemini, we’re invited to generate fresh ideas and novel ways of communicating, as well as innovate new ways of doing things. Lady Luck wants us to be curious to the new and not so married to the old.

Now here’s where we need to adopt a more nuanced stance when talking about Jupiter, because when people sit around and wait for Jupiter to rain down riches, they end up with disappointing Jupiter transits. When Jupiter crosses sensitive points in my clients’ charts, I’ve witnessed examples of both glittering successes as well as non-events (yawn). What I’ve noticed is that the clients who gave Jupiter something to work with were the “lucky” ones, while those who didn’t have anything ready to put out into the world were left disappointed.

Jupiter is like a gifted PR expert. You need to give it something to broadcast, to expand, to blow up. It doesn’t guarantee success, but it increases the odds of success. My mentor Rebecca Gordon often says that if the chances of success were 50/50 before a Jupiter transit, it might increase to 80/20 when Jupiter is activated in your chart. But if you give it zero to work with, however, the odds remain zero.

Wherever Jupiter is in your chart is actually where you need to learn to believe in yourself, because you’re actually capable of so much more. Jupiterian luck doesn’t drop from the sky—it’s simply the unlocking of your potential.

That’s all great, but I feel that limiting Jupiter to luck, riches, and success misses the greater point of Jupiter. The true gift of Jupiter is confidence. Some people say that wherever Jupiter is in your chart is an area of life where you’re talented and lucky, but I don’t think that’s true. I think that Jupiter represents an area of your life where you tend to underestimate yourself. Therefore, wherever Jupiter is in your chart is actually where you need to learn to believe in yourself, because you’re actually capable of so much more. Jupiterian luck doesn’t drop from the sky—it’s simply the unlocking of your potential.

Gemini is an air sign that’s super curious (sometimes annoyingly so—just ask people who live with Geminis). The best way to take advantage of Jupiter’s stay in Gemini, therefore, is to cultivate open-mindedness and to ask “Why?” Be open to new ideas, be open to trying new things, loosen the grips of any perfectionist tendencies, and don’t be afraid to fail. Gemini is the most curious of all signs and it wants to try everything, and with Jupiter there, the luck will be in the trying.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) will benefit the most from Jupiter during this time because they’re intellectually oriented. Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) will also enjoy this energy because they like novelty and excitement. Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) might struggle with departures from status quo, and the all-over-the-place quality of Gemini energy might feel emotionally destabilizing for water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces).

However, regardless of your sign, Jupiter can still lend a helping hand. It tells us what areas of our lives are ripe for development and expansion. Find your sign in the list below to see where to focus your hustle this year!

The astrological sign for aries.Aries

It’s time to put your ideas out there. Writing and social media pursuits will be rewarding.

The astrological sign for taurusTaurus

If you want to change how you earn money, now is the year to work on it. Go and develop the skills you need to make the change.

The astrological sign for geminiGemini

Reinvent your relationship with yourself. This year, there’s potential for significant growth that can bring you closer into alignment with your beliefs and values.

The astrological sign for cancer.Cancer

Use curious questioning to navigate the landscape of your mental and emotional well being. This is an excellent year to make strides in therapy work.

The astrological sign for leo.Leo

The dream needs to grow. It’s time to be guided by new aspirations, and they will guide you to the people who can help you manifest your dreams.

The astrological sign for virgo.Virgo

Career opportunities will cross your path, but you’ll need an open mind to act on them. Temper the Virgo tendency to overthink and scrutinize!

The astrological sign for libra.Libra

This is a good year for education and publishing (or broadcasting). In general, anything that broadens the mind will be fulfilling.

The astrological sign for scorpio.Scorpio

Investments, grants, and scholarships have a higher likelihood of working out in your favor this year. Shoot your shot and apply for money.

The astrological sign for sagittarius.Sagittarius

Relationship opportunities abound this year! You’ll meet impactful people and deepen your existing relationships.

The astrological sign for capricorn.Capricorn

If you’ve wanted to get healthy and build a healthier lifestyle, this is the year to make it happen.

The astrological sign for aquarius.Aquarius

Do what sparks joy for you and heal your ability to be present and enjoy life. Get out of your head, get playful, and find creative fulfillment.

The astrological sign for pisces.Pisces

It’s a good year for expanding your family, buying a house, and doing home improvement projects.

Published on May 1, 2024

Words by Alice Smith

Alice Smith has loved astrology ever since she read her first horoscope as a kid. She’s a certified, professional astrologer who reads birth charts for clients all over the world and has spoken at events throughout the Pacific Northwest. Alice learned to write horoscopes from her mentor Rebecca Gordon who was herself mentored by the grande dame of horoscope writing, Susan Miller. Alice has a degree in sociology from the University of Washington and is (too) obsessed with her “Furgo” (furry Virgo) cat, whose birth chart she often interprets on social media.