Astrology with Alice: Bottling Sunshine

Learn about the birthday gift you can give yourself to last all year

Words by Alice Smith

Astrology with Alice: Welcome to Astrology with Alice, a monthly astrology column aimed at helping readers understand the vibes of the month ahead in plain English. As a Taiwanese immigrant who grew up in Los Angeles, I specialize in combining western astrology with eastern philosophy. I’ve taught modern astrology through the lens of Buddhism and Taoism, and I also draw from the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. Knowing the movements of the planets can help us make decisions around our careers, relationships, family. As the planets move around in the sky, they shift the energetic vibes we experience on Earth, and I believe in flowing with energy instead of fighting it—to work smarter, not harder. So join me on our monthly planetary lowdowns and learn how you, too, can ride the cosmic waves!

Did you know that the energy of the sun on your birthday is super revitalizing for you? And did you know that you can bottle it up?

After the energetic ups-and-downs of eclipse season and Mercury retrograde, we’re getting a much needed break. I’m happy to report that the month of June doesn’t feature intense astrological happenings, so we’re getting some cosmic breathing room. (Yay!) In the absence of major astrological transits this month, I’d like to share a recipe for birthday water—solar water. (Don’t worry—I still have some astrological insights for June at the end of the column.)

After the energetic ups-and-downs of eclipse season and Mercury retrograde, we’re getting a much needed break.

On your birthday, the sun returns to the same position it was when you were born. Therefore, the solar energy that day is highly compatible with your mind, body, and spirit, because it’s the most similar to the energy from when you were born. Solar water is a way of capturing that compatible juju so that you can use it throughout the rest of the year whenever you need a psychic zhuzh.

My medical astrologer teacher taught me how to make solar water, and now I make it every year on my birthday, as well as for my friends. Of all the astrological herbal remedies and concoctions, solar water is, hands down, the easiest to do on your own. At home, I regularly mist a little personal solar water on myself whenever I’m tired, feeling down, or need a boost to help me shine brighter before an event. Is it placebo? Oh, maybe. But I’m a big believer in anything that makes you feel most authentically yourself.

Is it placebo? Oh, maybe. But I’m a big believer in anything that makes you feel most authentically yourself.

To collect all that good juju, here’s a list of the supplies you’ll need:

  • 1 spray bottle
  • 1 medium-sized bowl: Any glass or clear bowl is fine, but if you want to make some serious solar water, use a copper bowl. Astrologer Judith Hill says that copper dispels negativity.
  • Essential oils of your choice.
  • Distilled water.
  • Recommended: A funnel or a pouring cup with a spout to help you fill your bottle.
  • Optional: A preservative like Germaben II if you want the solar water to be shelf stable.

Directions for Solar Water:

  1. Fill your bowl with water.
  2. Set the bowl outside. Don’t worry if the sun isn’t out—it’ll still work.
  3. Leave for the entire day. You might want to cover it with film or a food net to prevent bugs from flying into your water.
  4. Bring in the water at the end of the day.
  5. If using a preservative, bust out the food scale and do the math to figure out how much preservative to add. Add the preservative and mix until dissolved.
  6. Pour the water into your spray bottle.
  7. Add your essential oil directly into the bottle. I recommend about four drops per average-sized bottle. It doesn’t seem like much, but essential oils are very concentrated and you don’t need much! If you have sensitive skin, you may want to skip essential oils altogether.
  8. Put the top on the sprayer and shake before use.

Tips for use: I don’t recommend spraying your solar water directly on the skin like you would do with facial toner because this recipe doesn’t include any skin-hydrating humectants, so spray it above yourself instead and let the solar water mist good vibes down. Or, walk into the mist like you would perfume. Reach for it whenever you need a boost! (Also, solar water is for external use. Even I don’t recommend drinking water that’s been left out, no matter how magical.)

June Weekend Guide

As mentioned before, June is giving us a breather. The vibes are lighter, summery, and dreamy—especially on the weekends. So, let’s instead take a look at the overall vibes for each weekend to help you plan your hikes, barbecues, and picnics. (You’ll also notice that there aren’t any sign-by-sign breakdowns this month because the astrological front is quieter this month, but they’ll be back next month for—spoiler alert—Venus going retrograde.)

June 3-4: Be flexible this weekend and embrace spontaneity. The energy around this weekend has the power to derail plans. This same energy can also inspire genius thinking, so if your plans do get disrupted, don’t worry—whatever innovative idea you replace it with will be better.

June 10-11: The urge to indulge in fun and the good life will be strong this weekend. This energy is extravagant, so be mindful of spending as well as behavioral excess. (Womp, womp.)

June 17-18 and June 24-25: Both these weekends will be great for creativity but not-so-great for decision-making. The energy won’t be conducive for working, so take it easy if you can. Physical vitality will be low around Sunday, June 18, so opt for stretching or walking instead of breaking personal records at the gym. These weekends are great for lounging.

Days to watch out for in June:

Monday, June 5: Relationship issues will feel intense today. Guard your boundaries if necessary.

Thursday, June 15: People will perceive the world today through a super-serious lens. Jokes might not land today, so banter carefully.

Monday, June 26: Watch your impulsiveness. Tempers may flare unexpectedly and there’s a chance for erratic behavior all around. Curb your road rage and save sassy comments for a later date!

Published on May 31, 2023

Words by Alice Smith

Alice Smith has loved astrology ever since she read her first horoscope as a kid. She’s a certified, professional astrologer who reads birth charts for clients all over the world and has spoken at events throughout the Pacific Northwest. Alice learned to write horoscopes from her mentor Rebecca Gordon who was herself mentored by the grande dame of horoscope writing, Susan Miller. Alice has a degree in sociology from the University of Washington and is (too) obsessed with her “Furgo” (furry Virgo) cat, whose birth chart she often interprets on social media.