Boba Break – March 9, 2023

The pop culture news you NEED to know this week

CCD-04820_R homepage-min

If ‘Chang Can Dunk,’ We Can Dream

Writer-director Jingyi Shao on his Disney debut and being your own savior


JoySauce Radio: Kaili

Meet Kaili, the coast-to-coast DJ with a global sound


The Asian American Women We Millennials Looked Up to

Writer Samantha Pak with a list of badass AA+PI women ’80s and ’90s babies wished they could be when they grew up

Bangalore space homepage-min

Facts Don’t Stop Manju Bangalore

Meet the ultimate multi-hyphenate: astronaut, actor, pageant queen, swimsuit model, activist, you name it


P-pop Boy Band ALAMAT is All Love, No Fear

The dynamic, diverse group uses their music to honor Philippine history and culture

Taylor House0672 homepage-min

Meet DIY TikTok Sensation Tay BeepBoop

How colorful home decor has helped her create a safe space after trauma


We Can’t Get Enough of These TikToks

Get ahead of the weekend with these amusing and captivating videos

JenSookfongLee homepage-min

‘Superfan’: Come for the Kardashians, Stay for Lessons in White Supremacy

Author Jen Sookfong Lee’s latest book delves into life through the lens of pop culture

Lady Snowblood (Criterion) homepage-min

10 Great Asian Films that Inspired Popular Hollywood Movies

Because it’s important to give credit where credit’s due (and these badass movies should go on your watch list immediately)


박혜진 Park Hye Jin Will Make You Feel It All

This singer, rapper, DJ, and producer explores and expresses a wide range of emotions through her music


Miss Universe R’Bonney Gabriel Makes History

Writer and pageant mega-fan Teresa Tran sits down with the first Filipina American woman to win the coveted title