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Anna Lee is Anything But Average

In the first of our new profiles on the hottest Asian American and Pacific Islander creators on social media, we meet the co-founder of Lioness smart vibrators

Words by Chelsea Lin

Photography by Henry Wu

Muses: JoySauce presents this series of profiles on some of the talented, fun, beautiful weirdos that we enjoy following on social media. Have a favorite AA+PI creator to share? Slide into our DMs on Insta at @joysauceofficial.

Meet Anna Lee: co-founder and head of engineering of Lioness smart vibrators, all around badass, and the sex educator extraordinaire behind JoySauce’s new advice column launching later this month. Follow her on Instagram at @annaisaverage, on TikTok at @annatheaverage, and worship at her feet, as we do.

Name: Anna 송희 Lee
Age: 30
Location: San Francisco

Astrological sign: Sun-Gemini, Moon-Sagittarius, Rising-Leo (Some may say “yikes”, but I’m just having a good time!)

Love language: probably words of affirmation even though I am terrible at taking compliments.

Job title: Co-founder/Head of Engineering at the best company in the world, Lioness. We make smart vibrators that give you orgasm data to help you learn more about your own body through science.

Describe yourself in haiku format:
Hi I’m Anna, woo!
The queen of vibrators, woo!
Down to party, now?!

Where are you now? I’m sitting in my undies and an 3XL In-n-Out shirt, legs criss-crossed on the dining chair, overlooking the N Seoul Tower in Korea!

Who do you hang with? A special shoutout to the bestie, Henry, who took all these photos and always reminds me to extend my neck so I don’t have a double chin in the photos.

What gives you inspiration? There’s something special about being in a car with another person for at least a one-hour drive that always makes me realize something about life.

What are you made of? My gross morning smoothies and curiosities about sex.

What’s your favorite workout? I have a big love-hate relationship with running.

Top 5 social media accounts you love: OBVIOUSLY my top 4 is: @lionesshealth…on all platforms! And if I’m not obsessing over the Lioness account, @trashbag_astrology cracks me up.

What do your parents do that embarrasses you the most? If anything, my brother and I embarrass my parents, not the other way around. Hehe

What’s your go-to karaoke jam? Oooh in the car alone: "None of Your Business" by Salt-n-Pepa. In a karaoke room: "Human" by The Killers.

What would you do with:
Elon Musk’s fortune: Fund femtech and sextech
Beyonce’s talent: I would do that hot-as-hell dance she does on the chair in her “Partition” music video everywhere and anytime.
Your grandma’s free time: Have her teach me how to make her Korean marinated raw blue crabs. (간장게장)

Share the last selfie you took:

This or that?
Sriracha or chili crisp? Sriracha!
Korean skincare routine or Botox? Okay I’ve been so curious about doing Botox, I need someone to hold my hand through the 101 of it all!
TikTok or Instagram? I feel like people of TikTok are so much funnier
Japanese Breakfast or M.I.A.? Natto over hot rice and a raw egg is *chef’s kiss*

What gives you inspiration? There’s something special about being in a car with another person for at least a one-hour drive that always makes me realize something about life.

What keeps you going? I don’t know if this is cheesy, but I do just genuinely love life and that there are so many weird nooks and crannies of this world to uncover.

Published on September 8, 2022

Words by Chelsea Lin

Chelsea Lin is JoySauce's Seattle-based managing editor and a lifelong storyteller (read: loudmouth). She loves memoirs, bold patterns and bright colors, travel (armchair or otherwise), and dessert—always dessert.

Photography by Henry Wu

Henry is a fashion photographer who interweaves storytelling with vibrant aesthetics, and spans luxury fashion to product photography. His photography has been published in Vogue Italia, Elle Singapore, People magazine, L’Officiel, and Men’s Health Australia/PortugalHenry is also the founder, editor in chief of Timid magazine. Timid is a platform to uplift unheard Asian Pacific Islanders stories from around the world. It seeks to reclaim “timid” and challenge racial norms by providing channels for sharing and learning from diverse experiences, empowering and celebrating our collective identity.