9 New AA+PI Cookbooks You Need to Have in Your Kitchen

Not all of us come from a family of amazing home cooks—some of us rely on the professionals to teach us how

October is more than just the season for pumpkin spice lattesit's cookbook season! We've curated a selection of some of the most enticing works from AAPI authors to infuse your kitchen with a diverse array of flavors and culinary inspiration. Whether you're a master home chef or a beginner, these cookbooks will open up a world of senses and introduce you to a delightful array of new spices, techniques, and traditions:


Asian Vegetables by Caroline, Stéphanie, and Patricia Ho-Yi Wang

There is a lot more to Asian vegetables than bok choy. Caroline, Stéphanie, and Patricia Ho-Yi Wang, three sisters of Cantonese heritage, have cultivated a beautiful cookbook centered on 15 Asian vegetables, each aligned with the changing seasons. A bit of science, history, and horticulture are sprinkled in this collection of 40 recipes that demonstrate how versatile and delicious greens can be.


The Korean Cookbook by Junghyun Park and Jungyoon Choi

New York’s Atomix has two Michelin stars and sits at no. 8 on the World’s 50 Best Restaurant List this year. Getting a reservation is nearly impossiblenow this cookbook from chef JP Park, alongside culinary researcher and writer Jungyoon Cho, sets you up to make comparable Korean food at home.  It’s a comprehensive guide, with over 350 recipes from traditional, regional, and everyday dishes and spanning categories like fermented foods, noodles, rice cakes, stews, and more.


A Very Chinese Cookbook by Kevin Pang and Jeffrey Pang 

Dynamic father-and-son duo Kevin Pang, a James Beard Award-winning writer and editorial director for digital at America’s Test Kitchen, and his dad, Jeffrey, are best known for co-hosting the YouTube series Hunger Pangs on the ATK’s channel. In A Very Chinese Cookbook, they share 100 recipes (tested to meet ATK’s rigorous standards) that embody modern Chinese cooking, from traditional Sichuan dishes to the best of American Chinese takeout. 


Modern Asian Kitchen by Kat Lieu 

What happens when you create a mega-viral Facebook group of yummy Asian cooking? Only good things. Kat Lieu, founder of Subtle Asian Baking, has released a new project of fast recipes for hot pot, pho, dumplings, and noodles. She incorporates the best food hacks on the internet to bring you dishes best suited for college students and busy families. They are all tested by the rigorous foodies in Subtle Asian Baking, so you know it’s going to be top tier. 


Make It Japanese by Rie McClenny 

Known for her YouTube series named for her signature catchphrase Make It Fancy, chef and Buzzfeed Tasty content creator Rie McClenny is debuting her first ever cookbook. She shares simple Japanese recipes, adapted with local U.S. ingredients. The book is a collection of dishes from her loved ones and professional culinary training. It’s simple, but will taste mighty fancy. 


Kung Food by Jon Kung

Detroit-based chef and content creator Jon Kung expresses himself best through food. Born in Los Angeles, raised in Hong Kong and Detroit, the law school graduate turned epicurean wunderkind is combining his upbringing into dishes like Dan Dan Lasagna, Buffalo Chicken Rangoon, and Sesame Shrimp Toast. It’s Chinese food done his way. 


Start Here by Sohla El-Waylly

Sohla El-Waylly, celebrated chef, recipe developer, and video producer known for her work at Bon Appétit, the History Channel series Ancient Recipes, and The Big Brunch on Max, presents Start Here. This masterclass in technique and proficiency comprises 12 chapters, offering insights into kitchen fundamentals and evergreen cooking principles. With over 200 recipes, El-Waylly acts as a perfect instructor to up your skills.


Sweet Vietnamese Bakes by Tara Nguyen

Self-taught baker and content creator Tara Nguyen has created something to satiate your sweet tooth. Her cookbook Sweet Vietnamese Bakes explores the desserts of Southeast Asia in 50 recipes. Learn how to make Vietnamese Brioche Breads, Sago Pudding, and Durian Mung Bean Cakes. They are as cute as they are decadent.

Manju’s Cookbook by Manju Patel

Manju Patel, who at 86 is one of the world’s oldest working chefs, celebrates the flavors of Gujarat, where vegetarian cooking is both a culinary tradition and an environmental commitment. Manju’s Cookbook offers a delectable selection of recipes inspired by Patel's award-winning restaurant in Brighton, capturing the essence of vegetarian cuisine. From traditional snacks like samosa and chakri to a variety of curries, chutneys, desserts, and drinks, this is a scrumptious historical record of recipes from a legend. 

Published on November 13, 2023

Words by Daniel Anderson

Daniel Anderson is a disabled Chinese American adoptee based in Seattle. His freelance writing specialties include K-pop, entertainment, and food. He believes that any restaurant can be a buffet, and the key to success is to take a nap each day. Follow his adventures on Instagram @danzstan.